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  • Toppings Ep.91 - Where You Been Loca

    Another trip to the UK and another week of moving prep!
  • Ep. 291 - Damsel

    Millie Bobby Brown produces and stars in Netflix's Damsel! If you didn't already watch the entire movie in the trailer, we got this one.
  • Ep. 290 - Loki Season 2

    The Loom of Time is breaking down and Loki and his friends at the TVA are trying to string it all together in Loki Season 2.
  • Gilmore Girls - S1E20

    We are almost done with Gilmore Girls Season 1! Almost time to close up these lingering storylines with Dean and Max Madina.
  • Ep. 289 - Dune Part Two

    We could not be more excited to talk about Dune Part Two. Paul is deemed a prophet among the Fremen, Chani and him fall in love, the Harkonnens are maintaining their grasp on Arrakis, the Bene Geserit prepare their alternate candidate and the Emperor finds himself in hot water (well, sand). Lisan Al Gaib!!!
  • Toppings Ep.90 - Oscar Recap

    This week we are together to recap this year's Oscars!