The Hunch

  • 1. The Hunch Podcast - Tim Simmons

    What separates truly great creative work from the rest? Tim Simmons talks to us about AI, data and the human condition.See the results of our research into professional view of AI in the workplace here.
  • 9. The Hunch Podcast - Sasha Watson

    Is Gen-Z the most and least confident group the workplace has ever seen? Moonpig's Sasha Watson joins us to discuss attitudes to work and the value of a strong Employer Brand.
  • 8. The Hunch Podcast - Lisa Berardi

    Struggling to hire? Lisa Berardi knows why! We’re working with Lisa on some exciting Employer Brand projects and, in this episode of The Hunch, Lisa spills the beans with the latest thinking on what attracts and retains talent.
  • 7. The Hunch Podcast - James Ashton

    Why are 'Human' and 'Campaigner' leaders rising to the top of organisations? Journalist and author James Ashton tells us how the importance of purpose and the challenges of hybrid working has seen new styles of CEO emerge.Read 'The Nine Types of Leader' here.
  • 6. The Hunch Podcast - Jo Daly

    Market disrupting behaviours – being better than the competition and knowing more than the incumbent knows - have enabled the L&D agenda, according to Warner Music VP Learning & Development, Jo Daly. Tune in to find out how you can successfully challenge ‘fixed mindsets’ to create an acceptance of learning from failure.
  • 5. The Hunch Podcast - Tristia Harrison

    What’s the relationship between contented, engaged employees and customer NPS? Tristia Harrison, CEO of TalkTalk Group, tells all while also explaining how having a hyperlocal focus can foster ideas that grow to have impact nationwide.
  • 4. The Hunch Podcast - Nicola McKelvey

    With broadcasters now giving welcome prominence to women's sport, new heroes are emerging and big opportunities for brands are on the table. Sports marketing consultant Nicola McKelvey tells us why the WSL and Women's Euros are such hot properties and predicts prize money parity in the next 5 years.
  • 3. The Hunch Podcast - Lucy Cranwell-Ward

    Only 35% of people in the UK believe that everyone has a fair chance to go as far as their hard work will take them.  Sounds ridiculous in (nearly) 2022, doesn’t it? Lucy Cranwell-Ward, Founder and CEO of, talked to us about how business can do more to unlock the huge potential of those often ignored and under-represented.
  • 2. The Hunch Podcast - Mark Choueke

    Why is relying on 'best practice' dangerous and what makes the Beatles unlikely b2b marketing heroes? Author & CMO Mark Choueke tells all as we discuss the '3rd era of e-commerce' and consider why marketers must be more Han Solo and less C3PO.Purchase your copy of Boring2Brave below: