The Hunch

  • 6. The Hunch Podcast - Alex Birtles

    Alex Birtles wants to connect consumers to small businesses with big hearts. Listen in to find out how she’s taken the idea and turned it in to an app and web platform, securing funding and helping support community-minded ventures in a tough economic environment.
  • The Hunch Podcast - Jesse Morris

    The electrification of trucks and trains can help save the planet - but can its marketing be electrifying, too? Jesse Morris of Xerotech tells us how investment in VFX, a natural sense of humour and no fear of failure has empowered his team.Test explosion: Stories - Pawel:
  • 4. The Hunch Podcast - Carl Wocke

    How can your skills and expertise be harnessed and taken further and faster while earning more money? Carl Wocke of Merlynn describes how AI-powered Digital Twins will impact work and society and considers the ethical and regulatory questions that will need to be answered.
  • 3. The Hunch Podcast - Marcus Iles

    Where is your business going and how can inspired employees help you get there? Marcus Iles explains how applying a creative lens to your business strategy can answer this seemingly simple question.
  • 2. The Hunch Podcast - Abby Mangold

    There’s no escaping it, if you run a high-profile business or organisation you will face a reputational issue in the short or medium term. We asked former BBC Watchdog producer Abby Mangold about the changing media landscape and its impact on how leaders prepare for and handle the toughest challenges.
  • 1. The Hunch Podcast - Tim Simmons

    What separates truly great creative work from the rest? Tim Simmons talks to us about AI, data and the human condition.See the results of our research into professional view of AI in the workplace here.
  • 9. The Hunch Podcast - Sasha Watson

    Is Gen-Z the most and least confident group the workplace has ever seen? Moonpig's Sasha Watson joins us to discuss attitudes to work and the value of a strong Employer Brand.
  • 8. The Hunch Podcast - Lisa Berardi

    Struggling to hire? Lisa Berardi knows why! We’re working with Lisa on some exciting Employer Brand projects and, in this episode of The Hunch, Lisa spills the beans with the latest thinking on what attracts and retains talent.
  • 7. The Hunch Podcast - James Ashton

    Why are 'Human' and 'Campaigner' leaders rising to the top of organisations? Journalist and author James Ashton tells us how the importance of purpose and the challenges of hybrid working has seen new styles of CEO emerge.Read 'The Nine Types of Leader' here.