Hump Day with Swanny & Friends


Guest Friend - Nazeem Hussain

Season 5, Ep. 80

Samantha had to sub out with Germs 🦠 today, not of the Covid kind but being the responsible team player she is, she still came to set us up as, well, you know, we'd be f*cked with out her!

We Subbed in Swanny's "I'm a Celebrity" buddy & Samantha's T20 World Cup co-host.

Funny man, and now children's author - Nazeem Hussain.

Note one of the first pages of his new book he makes it clear he aint going to apologise for what he says if its funny.

Yep, he's one of us!

It is Wildly inappropriate so, as we fear every week this maybe the last one.

You've been warned. Enjoy!

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