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Hump Day with Swanny & Friends

Guest Friend - Abbey Holmes

Season 5, Ep. 82

The guest gender scales were tipped quite far one direction of late so that we thought for Samantha's sake, she could invite a friend this week.

From Top End footy to the Big time, Abbey Holmes is a Yes girl who has grabbed every opportunity from Survivor (twice!) to the EJ Whitten legends game and made her way to the G.

While she admits to being offered help along her journey from the best in the biz its Abbey's work ethic & determination that has got her to where she is today, trail blazing for young girls and women to follow.

While she has only dipped her toes in to controversial statements compared to Dane, she certainly has him in the Goal Kicking comp.

Enjoy our candid chat with the girl from Adelaide who now has "expert comments" in her Job Title.

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  • 67. Guest Friend - Gideon Haigh

    Today's guest is independent journalist, Gideon Haigh, who through his love of Cricket, writes a lot about it! From books to columns, from Sport to True Crime, Gideon has written words about it all and his career has spanned over 40 odd years (with many a "Swanny and Friends" style story to share) He shares insights into how Kerry Packer literally changed the landscape of International cricket through to tall tales of the late, great Shane Warne.Enjoy out candid chat with one of the "good ones"Follow and support us elsewherePodcast : @swannyandfriendsDane: @danes84Samantha @samantharichesRalphy: can grab a copy of Gideon's latest books HERE Support us in the Merch store: Shop here :)
  • 66. Chef Dane

    Today's guest was none other than celebrity food critic Dane Swan! Unbelievably Dane has finally landed his own TV show, he tells us all about it at the top of the episode.The famous number 58 has been filled in this years draft and we discusses the success record which would you believe is better than number 1!The health benefits of seamen retention was thrown in there of course amongst some fab listener questions, get that in ya ears.Follow and support us elsewherePodcast : @swannyandfriendsDane: @danes84Samantha @samantharichesRalphy: us in the Merch store: Shop here :)
  • 65. Guest Friend - Sergio Paradise

    Meeting Steve Marshall, more affectionately known as Sergio Paradise for the first time, Samantha was unsure how this respectable man from the Media of over 30 years would fit in. She should have just looked at the contents of his page to know he was the perfect fit. More talk about Dicks than we have ever talked! Being a great of the industry for so long Sergio also shared some of his funnies about some of his colleagues over the journey with the likes of Trevor Marmalade & Eddie McGuire and some, who, well it was best they weren’t ent named. EnjoyFollow and support us elsewherePodcast : @swannyandfriendsDane: @danes84Samantha @samantharichesRalphy: Friend: Sergio Paradise - Get The Bonobo Gene HereSupport us in the Merch store: Shop here :)
  • 64. Why are you so needy?

    Towards the end I think Samantha forgot where she was saying something along the line of "this is the most random shit talking we've ever done" is a strength of ours Samantha, welcome to the show.We gave Ralphy a crash course in Situationships, Dane gave us a very relatable list of best ways to travel to and from the Races and we spent a fair bit of time unpacking Bakery etiquette and whether Dane was hard done by or he needs to get a grip on reality when you're drifting down the scale of relevance.Is he over reacting or would you have assumed the same thing... Do let us know!Normal us I guess, enjoy!Follow and support us elsewherePodcast : @swannyandfriendsDane: @danes84Samantha @samantharichesRalphy: us in the Merch store: Shop here :)
  • 63. Medicinal Cocaine

    Whell, we would ask if you missed us, but we all know the answer to that! Dane gave us an honest answer to start the show of so we are officially back in our place. Straight back into it we catch up on all the top media stories like Culture enhancing Cocaine and why it's best not to read. Dane questions the whereabouts of Shaun Smith & if this whole thing was just a game play to get Pre season off. If true, he is, impressed.Follow and support us elsewherePodcast : @swannyandfriendsDane: @danes84Samantha @samantharichesRalphy: us in the Merch store: Shop here :)
  • 62. We did one to prove Dane is alive

    After the weekend that was, we thought we should organise a welfare check on our dear Dane. We knew it was in his best interests to not miss his flight so we scheduled a pod right before it in the hope he wouldn't miss this one. The odds weren't in his favour but much like his beloved pies, never count them out. We unpacked Dane's thoughts on the Granny before he heads to the States to pick up on normal life after 6 weeks of bachelor living. Follow and support us elsewherePodcast : @swannyandfriendsDane: @danes84Samantha @samantharichesRalphy: us in the Merch store: Shop here :)
  • 61. Guest Friend - Tom Morris

    He wanted to return to the media and well, I'm not sure we were the professionals he was hoping to surround himself with again.A cancel culture soul mate, one of the most trolled and hated people in media in 2022 and bloody good Journo, Tom Morris came to kick it in the weeds with us this morning. In what was a fun and candid chat we did everything we could to get his to reveal his sources and give us some breaking news but he stood true. Some fab insights to the highs the lows, the rights and the wrongs of Sports Journalism.Enjoy!Follow and support us elsewherePodcast : @swannyandfriendsDane: @danes84Samantha @samantharichesRalphy: Friend: Tom Morris @tommorris32Support us in the Merch store: Shop here :)
  • 60. Why we didn't do a pod last week.

    We thought we owed it to the listeners to explain how Dane cancelled on his own podcast plans and left you the people with out a show to listen to. In what would have likely been our best pod, ever. Surely. It will now never be made. Samantha was reminded, just who's podcast she is on and to wait her turn when Dane is talking, We unpack the Brownlow and Preview the Granny along with some quality Listener questions...Here is this weeks episode. Worth the wait.Follow and support us elsewherePodcast : @swannyandfriendsDane: @danes84Samantha @samantharichesRalphy: us in the Merch store: Shop here :)
  • 59. Guest Friend - Neil Balme

    Today's guest has had an illustrious career in Footy over the last 50 years, post his own, there aren't many clubs or player that he hasn't played apart in their career. The Great Neil Balme joined us for a candid chat and along with Swanny discussed the moment that changed Swanny's career and life for the better. "We've come along way in footy in the way we react to naughty boys"We played Balmey Bingo and he shared some unpopular opinions, and how all we've really got in footy, is people.Balmey has recently, been diagnosed with Epilepsy, a disease with very little research and he's on a mission to change that. Please see the show notes below if you would like to Walk with Balmey or get involved in any way.Enjoy the show with this great man.Follow and support us elsewherePodcast : @swannyandfriendsDane: @danes84Samantha @samantharichesRalphy: Friend: Neil Balme Walk with Balmey or us in the Merch store: Shop here :)