Hump Day with Swanny & Friends


Guest Friend - Abbey Holmes

Season 5, Ep. 82

The guest gender scales were tipped quite far one direction of late so that we thought for Samantha's sake, she could invite a friend this week.

From Top End footy to the Big time, Abbey Holmes is a Yes girl who has grabbed every opportunity from Survivor (twice!) to the EJ Whitten legends game and made her way to the G.

While she admits to being offered help along her journey from the best in the biz its Abbey's work ethic & determination that has got her to where she is today, trail blazing for young girls and women to follow.

While she has only dipped her toes in to controversial statements compared to Dane, she certainly has him in the Goal Kicking comp.

Enjoy our candid chat with the girl from Adelaide who now has "expert comments" in her Job Title.

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