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Dane Swan talks footy and irrelevant life issues. Mainly the latter. Host "Racetrack" Ralphy Horowitz is joined by Samantha Riches as Dane’s two regular friends talking irregular gibberish.

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  • 17. Guest Friend Dr Peter Larkins. Dane: 'I Played Footy as a Kid, Cos Online Porn Didn't Exist'

    A cracking guest friend today, the highly respect Dr Peter Larkins joins us and we find out how he got his start in the media, and the extraordinary scenario he found himself in with The Duck at Waverley Park in his very first game!The Doc tells us a couple of the most significant injuries he's ever seen. He tells us about getting chewed out by Geoff Walsh over how he reported one players return form injury.The Doc has a new book out, it's called 'The Healthy Hundred' and it's about how to age well. He tells us about some of the stuff in the book. You can get it pretty much anywhere, bookstores, online - but the easiest place to get it is from the Docs website - As the bloke in the hat used to say, do yourself a favour.Ralphy nearly derails the pod with a joke about blokes getting colonoscopies which amuses him and Dane no end....the Doc far more professional than to engage with that sort of lowbrow humour. But the Doc doesn't miss a drive-by on Billy Brownless! We're talking about getting kids active, and Dane reveals that the only reason he started playing footy when he was a kid is because online porn wasn't around. Just imagine. And Ralphy tells a story about Israeli fighter pilots. This whole pod really has gone to shit today!But thankfully the Doc gets us back on track and there are heaps of great bits of advice about ageing well, what to do, and how to start if you're coming from a low base. Heaps of info in the pod, and the book is well worth sussing out.Follow us, share the pod with a mate, and support us if you feel the urge. If not, then as you were.Podcast : @swannyandfriendsDane: @danes84Samantha @samantharichesRalphy: us in the Merch store: Shop here :)Gambling hotline: 1800 858 858

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  • 16. Dane: 'Unfortunately I Don’t Produce Milk' & AFL Round 7 Maths Science

    AFL Maths Science is back this week for Round 7, and before we get to it Dane expresses his displeasure with Josh Rachele 'fucking' his multi last week. And he reckons everyone needs to calm the farm on Harley Reid saying that while he may well be a great player, he's not even in the Top 5 of the West Coast 2024 Best and Fairest count yet.We have some domestic chat. Dane is in trouble at home. Taylor reckons he is shithouse at cleaning and washing, whilst Dane reckons she makes it more complex than it needs to be.And in your questions, we find out what the two teams are that Dane would have liked to have played for if he hadn't been drafted by the Pies.Follow us, share the pod with a mate, and support us if you feel the urge. If not, then as you were.Podcast : @swannyandfriendsDane: @danes84Samantha @samanthariches
  • 15. Guest Friend: Kate McCarthy; Swanny says 'There's No Way Mick Malthouse Could Coach Today'

    Kate McCarthy, former AFLW player and current Triple M Footy commentator is our guest friend today, and Swanny wants to know what the hell he has to do to get a gig with Triple M as he reckons everyone except him has one.He explains Swan FC to Kate. She is suitably impressed (or is she?) and suggests a slogan - Swan FC, Any Where, Any Time, Any Price. Kate explains why she came to Melbourne and how she got into footy commentary. Can you believe in the media centre at Marvel, there are still no female bathrooms? Kate's sick of dealing with the male bathrooms after BT, JB, et al have taken a dump and she's decided to take over one bathroom with a homemade sign.Kate brings up Swanny's hatred of sand. And he then adds wind to the list. We talk AFLW. Kate reckons the AFL got it wrong and expanded too quickly. Ralphy disagrees. We talk about players not going back with the flight of the ball, Swanny tells a story about a pre-season match with the Saints where he didn't and copped a gob full from Brendan Goddard. Did Swanny care? What do you think...Swanny and Kate agree that they were not good with pre-season training, and Swanny reveals his theory on why he came back from the break as a player in less than ideal condition. Which leads to talking 'bakes', and Swanny reckons Malthouse was the king of the bake, and says that there is no way he (Malthouse) could coach today, not with his style. Dane wonders why he got yelled at by Malthouse, but he never saw Pendles cop a spray. And he makes the comment that great offensive players can't be great defensive players, saying it is impossible.And he sneaks in a shameless plug for his new cooking show on 7mate, starts this Saturday arvo at 1.30pm. If that isn't primetime we don't know what is.Follow us, share the pod with a mate, and support us if you feel the urge. If not, then as you were.Podcast : @swannyandfriendsDane: @danes84Samantha @samantharichesRalphy: us in the Merch store: Shop here :)Gambling hotline: 1800 858 858
  • 14. AFL 2024 Round 6 Maths Science, Swanny says 'Luke Hodge Has No Idea'

    Round 6 of the AFL Season and Swanny & Ralphy are guessing lines, giving tips, ripping the piss and generally being unprofessional. Swanny talks about Nathan Murphy's loss for the Pies, and explains how the AFLPA payment system works for players who are forced to retire due to injury, how much do they get? Swanny runs through it.In the line guessing, Swanny pumps up The Cats saying 'Geelong are a remarkable team'. And talks about his fave time slot to play in, with a whack for someone on the way through saying 'Luke Hodge has no idea'....bam !And Ralphy claims that he can beat Usain Bolt in a 100 metre race if he's given a 95 metre headstart. We're not entirely convinced. Our money is on Usain.Follow us, share the pod with a mate, and support us if you feel the urge. If not, then as you were.Podcast : @swannyandfriendsDane: @danes84Samantha @samantharichesRalphy: us in the Merch store: Shop here :)Gambling hotline: 1800 858 858
  • 13. Swanny: 'Essendon Are Such a Low Team' & Guest Friend Corbin Middlemas: "What the AFL have gotten wrong"

    A great pod today, with guest friend Corbin Middlemas, ABC radio superstar. But first we get the rundown from Dane on the big boxing match, what did he think of Daisy's performance? The phrase 'not much chop' may have been used.Corbin reveals what Mick Malthouse loves to do every time he is in Adelaide, and what Mick is really like. Hard arse or good bloke? Dane got a whack from Mick before the finals when he was playing, and he blames his mates parents for having sex on the wrong day. Hard to believe? Well he's serious. And we find out why Dane hates Kerferd Road at 6am on Tuesdays.We discuss Gather Round. Should it be more often or is one enough? And how is each team travelling after 4 rounds? Dane, Corbin and Ralphy give their thoughts. And they're impressed with West Coast. Or are we ripping the piss? Probably.And we finish with Corbin's views on the Finlayson incident and how the AFL have mishandled the issues of racism and homophobic abuse in the game.Follow and support us here.Podcast : @swannyandfriendsDane: @danes84Samantha @samantharichesRalphy: us in the Merch store: Shop here :)
  • 12. AFL 2024 Round 5 - Maths Science

    Round 5 of the AFL Season and this week Swanny and Ralphy guess the lines, give their tips, and generally talk shit. They each give their best tip of the round.Swanny also makes the bold claim that for the right price there is nobody on the planet he wouldn't take on in the boxing ring.And Ralphy gives some top notch racing tips.Follow us, share the pod with a mate, and support us if you feel the urge. If not, then as you were.Podcast : @swannyandfriendsDane: @danes84Samantha @samantharichesRalphy: us in the Merch store: Shop here :)Gambling hotline: 1800 858 858
  • 11. Live from Adelaide with Dane the Boxer

    Online this week as Dane continues giving back around the ....Well, in Adelaide as thats where Gather Round is and he can sniff out an envelope or 6 when they are up for the grabbing!He is also fighting Dale, incase you've been under a rock!kWe talk about his diet, fight prep and strategy and then get in to the Round 4 Maths Science incase thats what you came for!Last one with Samantha for the foreseeable future, hopefully there is a show when she is set to return!Enjoy and thanks for listening!Follow and support us elsewherePodcast : @swannyandfriendsDane: @danes84Samantha @samantharichesRalphy: us in the Merch store: Shop here :)Gambling hotline: 1800 858 858