How To Have Fun At Work with Lynne Parker


Unearthing the secrets of Charisma with Nina Ambrose and Suzy Bennett

Season 1, Ep. 18

From Butlins to Benefit Cosmetics, Lynne Parker lifts the lid on charisma with social media sensation Nina Ambrose and comedian Suzy Bennett, winner of the 2006 Funny Women Awards. Nina and Suzy met when they were Butlins Redcoats and their ‘Hi De Hi’ life experience relied on their inherent charm. Nina went on to occupy the real and virtual ‘front desk’ charming guests and customers visiting the HQ of leading cosmetic brand, Benefit.  She has now created Rants and Big Pants as a hub for older women who want to experience a life of charm and fun. Suzy’s ‘Caramel Bunny’ accent has taken her around the world on her comedy journey and she’s now gone back to her roots in the South West setting up Plymouth Comedy Tours.  From charming psychopaths to film stars, no stone is unturned in the quest for charismatic role models!

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