How To Have Fun At Work with Lynne Parker


Standing up like Mrs Maisel with Hela Wozniak-Kay and Louise Leigh

Season 2, Ep. 29

Lynne Parker talks to self-styled ‘Connectress’ and co-founder of Sister Snog, Hela Wozniak-Kay and comedian Louise Leigh about how ‘The Marvelous Mrs Maisel’ has inspired a new wave of female stand ups. Louise gives Hela the lowdown on what it takes to become a ‘turn’ on the comedy circuit and how best to develop your alter ego to entertain or speak in public. They share their love of pre-loved ballgowns, jumpers and Mrs Maisel’s iconic Christian Dior wardrobe along with the less glamorous reality of being on the road and disruption to family life. Yet, both agree that the drive to perform is innate with surprises around every corner, like your fully made up face looking back at you from the mirror of a service station loo in the middle of the night!

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