How To Have Fun At Work with Lynne Parker


Navigating Midlife with Eleanor Mills and Rosie Wilby

Season 1, Ep. 20

Banning the hot flush and how to navigate Midlife. Lynne Parker talks frankly with Eleanor Mills, founder of Noon and formerly of the Sunday Times for over 20 years, and Rosie Wilby award winning comedian, author and podcaster. Discussing the pain and pleasure of the mid part of our lives: post kids if we’ve had them, older dependents, same sex relationships, flirting and more. Eleanor says ‘in a 100 year life, 50 is only half way through’ so Noon is a great space for those of us who want to explore what’s next. Rosie is walking the midlife talk with her successful mix of books, shows and podcasts. Proving that midlife really is a time of opportunities and possibilities!

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