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  • 5. How I'd Fix...Election Campaigns

    The general election campaign is in full swing, but not everything's going smoothly for the main parties. So what makes a blockbuster election campaign and how do we make them better? Ed and Becca have found someone with shed loads of successful experience: author and former political advisor Cleo Watson. Having worked on Obama's 2012 re-election, Vote Leave in 2016 and Boris Johnson's 2019 victory, she knows her way around a campaign and has some strong ideas on how to change things. Is it time to introduce mandatory voting? Should we shake up campaign finance rules? Or should we just be better at vetting those who lead us...

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  • 4. How I'd Fix...The Next Government

    This week's episode feels a little different, as if you haven't been paying attention... a UK general election has been called! With Brits set to head to the polls on 4th July, Ed and Becca set their fixer the biggest challenge so far: outlining how the next Government can fix the country. Assistant Editor of the Spectator, Isabel Hardman says it's time to sort out social care, rip up Britain's planning laws and for Parliament to take a good long look at itself.
  • 3. How I'd Fix...Knife Crime

    On this week's episode, Ed and Becca discuss a more serious topic and the terrifying rise of knife crime in the UK. They are joined by activist and campaigner Faron Paul, who is on a one man mission to make Britain's streets safer. He runs a nationwide knife amnesty, offering vouchers in return for weapons being handed to him. During his interview he asks: Are prison sentences tough enough?Are we doing enough to prevent the purchase of weapons?Why don't we license knives like we do guns?
  • 2. How I'd Fix...The Housing Crisis

    In this week's episode of How I'd Fix, our fixer is author, comedian and podcaster Andrew Hunter Murray! He'll be tackling the housing crisis and discussing amongst other things:Should we just be building more?How can we empower local councils to drive change?Is breaking into second homes the answer?And crucially, how many times has Andrew visited Didcott?Got a question or comment? Please send to new episodes of How I'd Fix every Wednesday.
  • 1. How I'd Fix...The Price of a Pint

    In this first episode of How I’d Fix, the team tackle one of the biggest issues facing Britain. It affects millions of people and is something that’s built into the very fabric of British culture. We’re talking of course, about the price of a pint of beer. Costs have skyrocketed over the last few years, but here to help Ed and Becca put this right is the legendary landlady of The George Tavern in East London, Pauline Forster. Will the hosts agree with her policies?
  • Coming soon: How I'd Fix - A Practical Political Podcast

    Britain feels broken… so, how do we fix it? Join Former Tory MP Ed Vaizey and Journalist Becca Hutson for How I’d Fix, as they try to solve the issues plaguing Britain. It’s not up to them though - each week the pair interview an expert ‘fixer’, who will outline their three-point plan for how they would rebuild Britain if they had all the power. From bringing down the cost of a pint, to tackling immigration, or even solving the housing crisis - this is a practical political podcast. Big ideas to tackle the big problems. New episodes are available every Wednesday.