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World touring musician Allen Stone, his right-hand road dawg Steven J. Libby, and their favorite NYC actor Julian Gavilanes...are together again! As all three try to navigate their post-pandemic cancelled careers, they’r

Ep.28 - Andy Dick and Paris Dylan

Season 1, Ep. 28
Warning: This episode features some explicit content. If you are sensitive to language or crude humor, this might not be your episode. Otherwise, use your discretion and listen at your own risk. If you're older than 25, you probably remember Andy Dick from any of his appearances in films like, "Old School," "Zoolander," "Road Trip" or "Dude, Where's My Car." Or you might remember the decades of outrageous and controversial behavior that earned Andy a spot as one of the beloved icons of the American pop culture. Back in 2012, Julian was in a movie called, "21 and Over," whereafter he met Andy and Paris during the premier event of the awful film. It was an interesting might to say the least. The dynamic duo had started a musical comedy act way back then, and have taken it on the road ever since. They've done shows all over the country, flabbergasting their audiences with head turning material. They are currently working on developing the hit series, "Tiger Dick." A mockumentary based on "Tiger King." Andy plays a strangely spot on Joe Exotic and Paris plays his co-star--the tattooed, toothless, former flame, John Finlay. Keep your eye out. This episode packs all the punches--from cameo's by the reformed Christian and creator of the "KERMITorium Church--the beautiful Elisa Jordana, to a jaw dropping performance of their hit song, "FB." This is definitely an episode to watch on Youtube if you have the ability. Enjoy and let us know what the hell you think is going on here, cause we're still putting it together. For more content, exclusive opportunities and ways to join our little family, check out: us: