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Tim Barela - Complete Leonard & Larry Collection

Tim Barela’s Leonard & Larry are back! The Complete Leonard & Larry Collection contains every Leonard & Larry strip, from their first appearance in Gay Comix to The Advocate and Frontiers magazine. Strip creator Tim Barela gave voice to a generation of LGBTQ people. Whether we were gay, straight, into music, or into leather, we could see our lives mirrored in the sometimes crazy but always loving Leonard & Larry universe.

The Complete Leonard & Larry Collection contains all the strips from the long out-of-print previous collections of Tim Barela’s work: Domesticity Isn’t PrettyKurt Cobain & Mozart Are Both Dead, Excerpts from the Ring Cycle in Royal Albert Hall, and How Real Men Do It. Also in this collection are cartoons from Mountain Man and the never seen before Grizzly ‘N’ Ted series. In addition, the Complete Leonard & Larry Collection features forewords by internationally respected animation historian Charles Solomon and Gay Comix pioneer and pop culture historian Andy Mangels, plus an introduction by Tim Barela.

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