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Terry Persun - The Right Thing

After the murder of his wife and unborn child, the only time freelance tech investigator Ten feels alive is when he cuts himself. For the last few years, he has taken freelance investigative jobs. Some of those jobs have been with the government group that betrayed him, but is now run by a friend. That group, the International Security for Technological Innovations, ISTI, hires Ten out for difficult jobs when the organization is overwhelmed with work. And a new case has just come in.

There’s been an escape from a woman’s prison in Muncy. Ten is partnered with Maria Tanner, a friend intent on using the work to help repair his broken spirit and keep his mind busy. Before they know it, they’re thrust into a sordid world of computer hackers, sexual assaults, small-town sex scandals, and multiple prison breaks.

Morality is blurring around the edges. In this twisted mystery by award-winning author Terry Persun, everyone appears guilty of one crime or another—one wrong move, and Ten and Maria could be held responsible. When he has been so wronged in life, how can Ten choose the right thing for others?

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