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Steven W. Booth - Continuity

Carlos San Sebastián is the heir to the patriarchy of a family of time-travellers who values strength over empathy, cunning over caring, and pleasure over personal boundaries. Carlos wants nothing to do with that life or the macho idiots he would be responsible for, family or not. But unlike his sister, he can’t just disappear and abandon them. He does have some sense of responsibility after all.

When Carlos is summoned to the family residence in the middle of a deal that could release him from the patriarchy forever, he can see his opportunity to thwart fate slipping away.

What Carlos finds at the residence is worse than just being forced to take over the family. His father is inexplicably murdered out of continuity, six years before Carlos is born. It is up to Carlos to prevent the murder and protect the family.

Carlos is no detective and hardly skilled as a time-traveller, and with less than 24 hours to prevent the murder, he must seek the help of the one person his father demanded not be involved: his estranged sister, Monique.

As the clock ticks on, Carlos and Monique must unravel the secrets of their family and of time travel itself. Continuity takes the reader on an exploration of the laws of time travel and through the psychology of a family capable of anything.

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