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Stephen Mark Rainey - Fugue Devil : Resurgence

A compelling and frighteningly perceptive collection of chilling tales from master raconteur Stephen Mark Rainey.

“A consummate storyteller… at the top of his game.” – Richard Chizmar

Come and join us as we celebrate the 30th anniversary of “Fugue Devil,” Stephen Mark Rainey’s quintessential scare-your-pants-off story, with this all-new edition that features 11 additional tales to wither your soul and curl your toes:

– A thrilling midnight adventure turns into a dawning horror for two boys.

– A dirge for the dead; if you hear it, it’s too late.

– A terror in the night that echoes through the years.

– Hell is just a stone’s throw away.

– To read the play brings on madness, to perform the play…

– Her music cast a spell because, of course, she was a witch.

– In this wine lies the darkest truth.

– When the stars are right, the sky will fall.

– Voices from the static hint at horrors to come.

– “I am John, your host. I have much to look forward to,” he said with a grotesque smile.

– Something inhuman from the future lurks in the shadows of the past…

– Will capturing the image of a devilish horror render it powerless? Or simply draw its inescapable gaze to you?

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