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In these pages, a range of contemporary authors explore 'what happens next' when the Great Detective confronts mysteries which question reason. A summons from Irene Adler’s daughter; a chance encounter with one of Houdini’s fraud investigators; the enigma of Dr John Silence. Mysterious events at Mary Morstan’s old school, and a threat to Queen Victoria. The return of the German agent Von Bork, somewhat changed, and a desperate hunt for a killer through the alleys of London with none other than Professor Van Helsing.

Join us in the first volume of this two volume anthology as Holmes finds himself working with psychic investigators old and new in pursuit of answers, and must confront his own scepticism. Tales in the traditional style – but with a twist. Can Holmes’s logic work alongside the occult detectives’ willingness to embrace another set of rules entirely? Paranormal – or poppycock?

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