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Season 4, Ep. 4

To understand the Kennedy assassination, it is imperative to first understand Lee Harvey Oswald. The man—who on November 22, 1963—brought a nation to its knees. This book takes the investigation of Oswald’s actions and words surrounding the deaths of a President and a police officer in a radically new direction. A law enforcement analysis as seen through the spectrum of Consciousness of Guilt is coupled with the first-ever Computer Voice Stress Analysis of Lee Harvey Oswald. The personal assassination notes of the Dallas Homicide Detective at the heart of the investigation and handcuffed to Oswald during that fateful shooting are published here for the first time. Published for the first time, the writings of Michael Paine explores his unique knowledge and political conversations with Oswald. This book sheds new light on a controversy that has raged for over 50 years. Was Lee Harvey Oswald guilty or a self-proclaimed patsy?

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