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For Bobby Walason, the turning point in his life began when he was thrown out of his house at age twelve. It was also the best moment in his short life.

Forced to survive on his own, with no friends or family to turn to, his determination drives him without the benefit of a moral compass. Finding shelter in the basement of a Providence, Rhode Island inner city housing project, sleeping in an abandoned cardboard box, he tries to stay hidden from the world.

Finding solace in the Olneyville Boys Club, where he learns to box, discovers a physical strength beyond his age, and hones an ability to fight. His ability to absorb punishment, forged under the fists of his brutal father, earns him a reputation for toughness. A toughness which built a powerful street reputation, enhanced in prison, drawing the attention of organized crime.

This the story of the horrific life of a 12-year-old boy, enduring abuse no child should ever face, the lure of organized crime, descent into the brutal and violent world of a feared mob enforcer, and the power of resilience

Bobby Walason unmasks the false patina of Organized Crime, finding a way to leave the life; alive, without spending life in prison, and without disappearing into the invisibility of the witness protection program.

Turning from a life of brutality to the world of business, Bobby builds a successful life as an entrepreneur.

This story casts a light onto the ebb and flow of the dark side of American society; a look at the forces that play havoc with the lives that go adrift on the streets of all our cities.

And how one man found a way out against staggering odds.

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TOM MENDICINO - The Boys from Eighth and Carpenter

Tom Mendicino is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania and the University of North Carolina School of Law. His debut novel "Probation" (Kensington) was named a 2011 American Library Association Stonewall Honor Book and was a Lambda Literary Award finalist. His novella "Away in a Manger" appeared in the Kensington collection Remembering Christmas and his short fiction has been published in numerous anthologies. He is also the author of the new adult novellas "KC, at Bat," "Travelin' Man," and "Lonesome Town" (eKensington), a trilogy following the relationship between a promising baseball player and a would-be musician. His second novel "The Boys from Eighth and Carpenter" (Kensington) is about the powerful bond between a pair of motherless boys, the sons of an abusive immigrant from Italy, and the choices each makes to protect the other. Please visit www.tommendicinobooks.comS. Gagliano & Son has been a barber shop fixture in South Philly for decades. Frankie and Michael Gagliano’s Italian immigrant father—Luigi to his customers, Papa to his sons—presides over the store, enlisting his children as soon as they’re big enough to wield a broom. On their mother’s deathbed, eight-year-old Frankie swears that he and his little brother will always take care of each other, a vow he endeavors to keep through their father’s violent outbursts and the string of wives who try to take their mother’s place.After their father’s death, Frankie takes over the shop, transforming it to fit in with the gentrifying neighborhood. Michael becomes a successful prosecutor with a rising political career, still close to his big brother despite the differences between them. Then comes an unthinkable, impulsive act that will force Michael to choose between risking his comfortable life and keeping a sacred oath—made before he knew how powerful a promise can be.The Boys from Eighth and Carpenter is a stunning evocation of working-class Italian-American life—a story of brotherhood, loyalty, and the contradictory, unpredictable nature of family love.“The Boys from Eighth and Carpenter is a heartfelt story of two loving brothers as well as a compelling crime drama all set in the changing city of Philadelphia. Tom Mendicino is a supremely gifted writer with an eye for the most telling of details, and I loved this novel!”--Lisa Scottoline, New York Times bestselling author"At the heart of this capacious and suspenseful novel is the bond between two very different brothers, but its larger context is the Italian-American family: its values, loyalties and responsibilities. Tom Mendicino writes with honesty and compassion, and the reader can't help but root for his endearing characters."--Christopher Castellani, author of All This Talk of Love