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Robert Swartwood - The Killing Room

From USA Today bestselling author Robert Swartwood comes another bone-chilling thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

While on vacation in Las Vegas, a businessman wakes up in a strange hotel room to find a dead woman in the bathtub.

Panicked, he runs. But before he can get far, a pair of detectives stop him.

Desperate, he tells them that he’s innocent. That there’s no way he killed the woman. That he’ll do anything not to go to prison.

That’s when they offer him a way out.

But there is no way out—as the detectives will soon learn.

Perfect for fans of Lee Child, Michael Sloan, and Robert Crais, The Killing Room races readers from one revelation to the next at breathtaking speed.

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  • A.M. Adair - A New Game

    An assassin is killing cartel members with lethal precision. Each crime scene leaves more questions than answers, and no one in law enforcement or the intelligence communities has any leads. Except for one man: Navy SEAL turned CIA operative Julian Saunders. He knows they’re hunting for a ghost. Someone the U.S. government declared dead.Joined by an elite covert operations team, Julian heads to New Orleans, searching for the only person capable of taking the cartel head-on: Elle Anderson. But as the body count rises and the brutality of the kills becomes more intense, he questions whether the woman they knew still exists or if, by pursuing her, they’re signing their own death warrants.
  • Eric Rickstad - Lilith

    From the internationally bestselling author of I Am Not Who You Think I Am—a New York Times Thriller of the Year—comes Lilith, an incendiary powerhouse of a novel that strikes straight at the wounded heart of America.Mother. Hero. Villain. Killer.After her son Lydan suffers traumatic injuries in a school shooting, single mom Elisabeth Ross grows enraged at men in power. If they won’t do anything to help end this epidemic of violence, she will. Believing it’s her destiny, she sets out to awaken the world to the cowards these men are and commits her own shocking act of violence.Going by the name Lilith—the first wife of Adam who fled Eden rather than serve a man—she posts a video of her crime that reverberates throughout society.Praised by some, demonized by others, and hunted by the FBI and vigilantes alike, Elisabeth must keep her identity a secret as she tries to care for her son.As events take startling twists, Elisabeth begins to question her act of violence and the very roots and mythology of violence itself. Was her act justified or has she become the monster that the original Lilith was accused of being?As the FBI draws closer, and Lydan starts to display odd, terrifying behavior, Elisabeth plots to avoid capture and keep her son safe at all costs, fearing she’ll never escape what she’s done without losing her son forever.Written with Rickstad’s singular command of language, human insight, and unnerving suspense, Lilith is a tale of our times. Tragic and profound, it echoes in the mind and lingers in the blood.
  • JT Patten - BROTHERS OF BLOOD: A New Orleans Vampyre Novella

    As the sun sets over New Orleans, two brothers, John and Wayne Carter, find themselves standing in a French Quarter alleyway, their clothes stained with blood, and their minds foggy. They have no memory of how they got there or what they have done. All they can recall is a new friend, Jacques St. Germain offered them a deal - work for him, and he will give them a home, purpose, and power.While the brothers sink deeper into compelled crimes, they are plagued by nightmares and memories they can't explain. Through a romantic interest of John, the Carters seek the help of her aunt, a voodoo queen, who recognizes their plight and a danger to her own family. With guidance, they unlock memories of their past and learn about the dark deeds they were forced to participate in.The brothers race against time to break Jacques' hold before they are turned and forced to serve him for eternity. But the old vampire is not so easily defeated, and the brothers find themselves in a final showdown with Jacques.Enter the origin story legend and the hidden world of the Big Easy where paths intertwine with serial killers, witchcraft, and a bloodline of the dead that existed well before Prohibition in the Crescent City.Laissez les bons temps rouler.
  • Sheri Lewis Wohl - Buried Secrets

    Tuesday Johnson spent her career helping the Spokane, WA, community as a probation officer and a search and rescue K9 handler. After suffering a career-ending gunshot wound, all she wants is to heal and spend quiet time with her mother during her last days of battling cancer. Instead, visions of murder disrupt her hopes for peace, and family secrets shake up everything she thought she knew.After twenty-five years of searching, private Detective Addie Caine has all but given up hope of finding her brother alive. When the last known sighting brings her to Spokane and a routine search uncovers a decades-old burial ground, the hunt for her brother means pursuing a serial killer. Tuesday and Addie, along with Tuesday’s dog, Tripper, struggle to solve a twenty-five-year-old mystery while searching for love and redemption along the way.
  • Danny Cherry Jr. - Pike Boys

    It’s 1920 New Orleans and Jesse Pike is slowly ascending the New Orleans upper-class social scene. He’s the owner of the most popular brothel in the entire city, and rubs shoulders with businessmen, corrupt politicians, and stage stars alike. He’s also the leader of a violent street gang that pulls off the biggest heist of liquor since the beginning of prohibition. Jesse sets up a scheme to sell the booze, and use the profits to help him start a legitimate business. However, several obstacles get in his way: Clyde, the mentally disturbed oldest Pike sibling, is released from prison and takes issue with how Jesse runs things; Jesse's aging mentor refuses to let him leave behind crime; and an overzealous young DA decides to reopen an investigation into the liquor heist to increase his chances of being elected mayor. Jesse is forced to make a decision: does he walk away from a life of crime and his family forever? Or will he continue down the road of violence that has begun to erode his psyche, much as it has Clyde's?The Pike Boys, according to a reviewer, is a "compelling story of the Pike family's struggles against poverty, violence, substance abuse, mental illness, and their quest to rise above it all while living in the crime-ridden New Orleans of the gangster era." It has all the thrills, plot twists, and quick pace of conventional gangster fiction, with the heart, depth, and nuance of a literary novel. In between the shootouts, violence, and debauchery, there is the overarching question of "can people actually change?" The reader will see that the answer is not so simple—especially when you live in a place like New Orleans.(Good for fans of Mario Puzo and Dennis Lehane; and lovers of Sopranos, Godfather, and Peaky Blinders!)
  • John Ferriso - All in a day's work: An officer's accounts 20 years NYPD

    When you are a New York City police officer you become a social worker, chauffeur, human relations consultant, and tour guide. You are expected to do all those tasks while stopping crime as it occurs, preventing crime, and keeping the peace in a city that never takes a break. Let’s not forget you get to do all this within a workday, or tour as we called it. These separate tasks come to you at random times, so going to work is like a roll of the dice. One moment you are driving with your partner talking about nonsense and five minutes later you are coming face to face with dangerous people who just committed a criminal act. The weight of these tasks can become overwhelming and mentally drain you if you allow it to happen. Many times, you do not have time to reflect on the day’s events, you just move on to the next crisis. Within days, or a month, NYPD cops will get involved with and witness more toxic events than an average person will see in a lifetime. Active cops will need to navigate around and work with their coworkers, supervisors, the public, and criminals. What people believe cops are doing daily regarding police work is often far from the truth.You will find within my short stories what is really occurring inside those moving police vehicles. What the city was like in the days after September 11, 2001. Take a close in-depth look at the investigating that occurs within the NYPD detective squad room. Within the squad room the pen can influence like a hammer, and a phone call can arrive like a hurricane. If you want the gritty, alarming, and at times comical truth behind police work, you have arrived at your destination.
  • D. Marshall Craig MD.- Sleight of Hand

    The thriller series continues with busy trauma surgeon, Dr. Kyle Chandler, pursuing is side hobby of private investigation. A wealthy client has requested Kyle to attempt to track down two historical items related to a supposed family curse. Despite his initial hesitancy about the investigation, Kyle sets off to France to take on the case. On his journey on to Paris, and then on to Boston, multiple interested parties threaten Kyle, as they desperately want these two items. With the help of his girlfriend, Caroline Martinelli, the growing danger of the situation puts the couple at risk as they inch closer to finding the two lost items. Chance occurrences become the clues to uncover the truth -- and the truth nearly costs them their lives.
  • Matthew Richer - Kurt Cobain Update: Tom Grant

    Matthew Richer, coauthor of the book ' Kurt Cobain Murder or Suicide, You Decide' Talked updates and about all of the untruths of his coauthor Tom Grant
  • Barry W. Levy - The War Machine

    It’s 1988, and secrets that were buried in the jungles of Vietnam twenty years earlier are starting to re-emerge.David “Kick” Tacker is a Canadian-born—but American-made—stone-cold killer, and is barely holding his psyche together; shattered by years of war and violence. He fought in MACV-SOG’s secret war in Vietnam until there was no more war to be made, and then sustained himself with clandestine work around the world.Now living in Vancouver, Kick has one goal holding him together: to finally expose Canada’s covert involvement in the Vietnam War before those dark secrets are hidden forever.With the help a local reporter and his Agency handlers, Kick races to make the story public, all while being pursued by a mysterious assassin and their team.The War Machine takes us from the savage jungles of the Vietnam War to its explosive climax in the seedy back streets of Vancouver, where Kick will either get the story to print, or die in the battle to expose the truth.