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Until its You, One can Never understand just how Soul Destroying it can be when a Family Member, Friend or Acquaintance; just up and vanishes. That depth of darkness knows no bounds when they're declared missing and unfindable. Detective Jarrett Jefferson knows that portion of Hell’s Fiery Pits All Too Well. His wife was Not Only Reported Missing on July the First of Twenty, Twenty-Nine, but that day Just So Happened to be his Thirtieth Birthday. His Misery took an Even Deeper Step into Self-annihilation and destruction; after her case was declared an Adult Runaway, before getting tossed amongst the other Hundreds of cold case files. And now; A Year Later, Jean’s husband was just starting to pick up the pieces of his shattered life. Ride along with the Detective as his First Official Case turns out to be Unlike anything he has ever investigated. A Serial Killer that is given the name S.S.K. by Mr. Jefferson himself. As the killers identity is revealed, clues about Jean’s whereabouts eventually come to light also. Why Settle For FAKE SKIN, When You Can Have REAL. Look For A REAL SKIN DEALER Near You.

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