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R. Barri Flowers - Exposed Evidence

Criminal defense attorney Jessica Frost is hired to defend twenty-one-year-old daughter college student Stephanie Dozier who is accused of stabbing to death her roommate Kristine McVeigh, the daughter of a prominent local judge, Ralph McVeigh, as a result of a love triangle. The accused and victim attended Wryer College, a private women’s institution in Creighton Hills, Oregon. Stephanie was caught holding the murder weapon, a ten-inch serrated knife, while standing over the bloody body.

Jessica is up against Thorne County Deputy District Attorney Madeleine Griffin who paints the accused as committing the crime in jealous rage against her romantic rival and is determined to win a conviction. Over the course of her investigation, Jessica learns that Kristine was part of a secretive group of attractive college students called The Sexy Coeds Club, who made it their mission to seduce married college professors for higher grades and money to finance their college expenses and lifestyles. They threatened to expose the cheating professors who refused to play ball.

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