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Jensen is the man companies call when the worst happens. The “worst” encompasses all the events that are so frightening and chaotic that most people don’t like to think about them—plane crashes, terrorist attacks, and natural disasters among them. Jensen has no special gift for collecting bodies, identifying personal effects, or talking to victims’ families. What he does have is experience. Over a career spanning decades, Jensen has earned a reputation as the best in a very rarefied business. As the owner of Kenyon International Emergency Services, Jensen responds to anywhere from six to 20 events a year around the world (nine in 2016, not including ongoing efforts from 2015). His work has put him in harrowing proximity to some of the darkest headlines in recent history. He handled mortuary affairs after the Oklahoma City bombing, he flew straight to the Pentagon after 9/11, and he was involved in body recovery after Hurricane Katrina.

Kenyon International Emergency Services is a crisis and disaster management company, recognized as the world’s leader in providing crisis management services. Kenyon is the only private disaster management company with dedicated, full-time resources spread across four regional offices. Kenyon’s client base exceeds all our competitors combined and all Kenyon equipment is owned and maintained in preparation for immediate deployment. With over 100 years of experience responding to 340+ incidents, Kenyon guarantees first class resources, services and software to meet the demands of any incident.

In recent years we provided considerable resources to the Australian Government following the Asian Tsunami; body recovery expertise for the Governor of Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina and for the UN in the aftermath of the Haiti Earthquake. We have assisted with care for families, victims and their belongings at disasters in Africa, Greece, USA, Libya, India and Indonesia, to name a few.

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