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When the phone of police artist and interview specialist Sergeant (Ret.) Michael W. Streed—The SketchCop—rings, it’s because police need his help solving their most difficult and heinous cases. During his thirty-five-year law enforcement career, Streed has provided signature images for some of America’s most notorious murders, rapes and kidnappings. His sketches decorate walls inside detective squad rooms from Los Angeles to Baltimore, a stark reminder of the evil that lurks among us.

In SketchCop: Drawing a Line Against Crime, Streed takes readers on a thrilling ride across a landscape littered with crime scenes and violent criminals, including anecdotes from historical cases, such as the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. He’ll share the compelling true crime stories from his portfolio, detailing how he used his specialized skills as The SketchCop to turn memories of monsters into justice. His descriptions of the psychological impression this important investigative tool leaves on victims helps to round out the book in a way that guarantees after reading SketchCop, you’ll never look at another face the same way again . . .

“Michael Streed is as passionate about being an artist as he is about being a cop. It’s that passion that fuels his ground-breaking work.”—JuJu Chang, ABC News correspondent

“As insightful as it is fascinating . . . A must-read for true crime fans.”—Gary C. King, author of Love, Lies, and Murde

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