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Michael Caputo - Chameleon : A Memoir

In 2008, Michael Caputo started his own business. He did that for six years and became one of the most famous massage therapists on the planet when the Daily News interviewed him in May of 2012 in light of the John Travolta sex scandal involving numerous male massage therapists from around the country. Caputo unexpectedly ended up on the front page of the Daily News and was written up in People Magazine and the National Enquirer. For weeks he was bombarded with phone calls from all the major media outlets worldwide begging him for an interview.

In 2009, Caputo’s first book, (Dear Pat Cooper: What happened to my father Pasquale Caputo?) was published. His book caused major controversy within his father’s camp but was a major success with over fifty positive reviews on Amazon. Caputo’s dream is to turn that book into a screenplay or a documentary someday.

In 2021, Caputo’s second book (CHAMELEON: A Memoir) was published. This memoir shows another side of the author in which he vividly describes his harrowing journey coming out of the closet and living authentically, post-Stonewall, pre-HIV/AIDS epidemic, and thereafter. In addition, Caputo discusses how the Christian Right has been notorious for using their Bible to discriminate and relentlessly trying to derail the progress of the LGBTQ+ community while denying them their fundamental human and American rights

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