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Mark Edward Langley - When Silence Screams :The Arthur Nakai Mysteries, Book 3

Arthur Nakai, now armed with his newly minted Private Investigator license, has visitors on his doorstep at White Mesa. Melanie Manygoats and her young son arrive on a cold winter’s day seeking his help locating her missing daughter, whom she fears has become one of the stolen. Arthur accepts and soon finds himself wading through the world of teenage prostitution, where he discovers April has already been sold to a man known to everyone in the trade as The Cuban. Running underage girls is his business, and the revolving door of the flesh trade is always rotating. Meanwhile, a 15-year-old girl goes missing on the Rez; her bicycle is found hidden among scrub brush under a bridge over an empty desert wash. Are the cases related, or are they simply part of a bigger, more horrifying picture plaguing Arthur's beloved Dinétah?

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