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Luka Magnotta - Cara Lee Carter

Introduction by RJ Parker - Psychopaths: Nature v Nurture  Murder, necrophilia, dismemberment and an international manhunt - while the case of Luka Magnotta reads like a work of fiction, it is in fact a true story of an individual with a long history of mental illness in a gruesome attempt to gain notoriety.  The horrific murder and mutilation of 32-year-old Concordia student Lin Jun shocked and captivated the nation. From the time the body was discovered, to the capture of Magnotta, and through the ensuing two years it took for justice to be served, the country anxiously waited for the outcome of the trial in December, 2014. This book chronicles the journey that led Luka Magnotta to become known as the Canadian Psycho. WITH PHOTOS (Warning: Crime scene photos included that some might find extremely disturbing).

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