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J.T. Patten - Whispers of a Gypsy

Neurodivergent, young Dwight Skinner considers his mental challenges to be a superpower, but it's a pure bloodline that will put him in danger. When a tragic event brings a mysterious Romani neighbor, Mr. Mortimer, out of seclusion and into the Skinner family's lives, Dwight and his emotionally overloaded mother find an unsuspecting protector in this dark whisperer. Death and horrific secrets trail the unfolding life of Mr. Mortimer's past, and questions soon arise as to who has the more sinister of intentions, Dwight or the "Gypsy" he unconditionally trusts. The whispers have the answer.

Whispers of a Gypsy brings fear back to horror and psychological suspense the way we remember classic Stephen King and Thomas Harris novels, while adding Patten's trademark penchant for hair-raising twists and capturing some similarities to current horror favorites of Alma Katsu, Stephen Graham Jones, and Gabino Iglesias.

Note: Whispers of a Gypsy is a story about how purity of heart dies in a world of hate. Using the word "Gypsy" refers to members of the Romani people (and/or their sub-groups Roma, Sina, etc.). The G-word, however, is pejorative. It is used in this case for conscious correction and to relate to an Auschwitz-Birkenau Camp book and the over 500,000 Romani killed by the Nazis. This group was one of the foremost peoples who suffered inhumane tests while in the camps. Na bister 500,000

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