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Edward Cleaves - Kind Soul Closet Maniac (EXPLICIT)

Kind Soul Closet Maniac is about a scared white kid Growing up in abject poverty in the ghetto of Roxbury, Massachusetts. Raised by “black out” alcoholic parents. Trying to navigate the violence, fear and child abuse put upon him and his siblings by abusive, malicious people. Finally escaping that situation only due to the house burning down and killing his mother. He went to live with a sibling in an all-white neighborhood but the violence at home was the same.

He escaped it all at around 16 and he tried to navigate life completely through trial and error. Trying to come to terms with his addiction to alcohol and doing every thing he could to not repeat the cycle of violence and substance abuse he witnessed and suffered as a child.

Finding true love and having it stolen away by cancer, he loses his battle to stay sober and is once again crashing down. A cycle that repeats itself to this day. The peaks and valleys he experiences in his life are supplied by an indomitable will that keeps him moving forward. Farther and faster away from a horrible beginning. And trying to fight against addiction to alcohol that keeps him crashing. Time after time.

There are many funny moments that come through. Our protagonist never gives up hope for better tomorrow. He tries to work his way through the anger he feels about his childhood. No, the rage he feels. Most of his struggle is to never become what he witnessed and was put upon him as a child. He fights against becoming the Closet Maniac. Is it too late?

In the end of it all, this is a tale of a kid trying to escape a horrible past and navigate an uncertain future. All the while never giving up, and eventually coming to terms with life. Ever vigilant and ever hopeful.

This is my life's story.

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