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Diane Bator - All that Shines

When Sage Miller’s sister Laken decides to host a fashion show as a grand opening for the new location of Vintage Sage, she’s not amused. Even less so when she discovers her sister hired a Hollywood fashion designer to help. Not only does the designer show up in the middle of renovations, but he drags along his protégé.

Then she finds Sebastian Hayward III, dead in her store.

Suddenly it seems half of Los Angeles—all unwelcome guests from Laken’s past—appear in Vintage Sage seeking something Sebastian had in his possession. Sage has to deal with renovations, a fashion show, and a murder before she and Laken come unglued.

Review: All That Shines is another great “who done it” with Sage and Laken and once again I was wrong!

Can’t wait for the next book in the Glitter Bay Series to see what the sisters are up to.

Diane Bator has once again successfully completed another beautifully written mystery: “All That Shines” Book 2 in the Glitter Bay Mysteries series. A comfortable, easy read, and a page turner which keeps you guessing right to the very end. I thoroughly enjoyed Bator’s willingness to step into the deep waters of some human issues which rage today’s society. An honest and bold move on her part, Bator writes with absolute grace and dignity. Well done! 5 Stars, Award-winning, bestselling author, Maggie Kirton

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