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The highly successful "To Catch a Predator" series, which ran on Dateline NBC from 2004-2008, has been syndicated on MSNBC and other cable networks all over the world. My new series will reflect the changes in the social media landscape and the new generation of connected electronic devices. With this new investigation, we will once again raise awareness of the ongoing threat of sexual predators targeting underage children.When "To Catch a Predator" first launched, my crew and I implemented groundbreaking hidden camera techniques to capture the charged confrontations of predators. In what they thought were the homes of their victims (actually decoys posing as minors), we interviewed these unsuspecting men. Working in collaboration with local law enforcement, the 12 investigations led to the uncovering of about 300 predators, including trusted professionals from teachers to clergy to military men. Over 80% pleaded guilty or no contest and received punishment up to 24 years in prison.​

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