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Brad C. Anderson - Duatero

Majstro Falchilo Kredo has devoted his life to protecting the abandoned earth colony of Duatero from Malamiko, the indigenous ecosystem that makes their crops fail and whose contamination turns humans into mindless monsters.

But Malimiko is changing, becoming more dangerous, more aware, even as the ancient technology they use to combat it fails piece by precious piece. Kredo and his fellow soldiers must risk everything or see all they hold precious wiped away and forgotten.

Kredo is prepared to sacrifice himself—and anyone around him—to do his duty. But what if the price demanded is even higher?

“Combines power armoured soldiers from the pages of sci-fi pulps, a world as intriguing yet bleak as Mid-World from Stephen King’s Dark Tower, and an evil as terrifying and paranoia inducing as John Carpenter’s The Thing. A descent into the darkness of a failing world and the brutal zealotry of its defenders.” - Matt Moore, Aurora Award-winning author of It’s Not the End and Other Lies

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