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Barbara Wilson - Not the Real Jupiter

Join traveling translator Cassandra Reilly as she solves a new mystery in Lambda Literary Award winner Barbara Wilson’s series about the London-based, Irish-American sleuth. In Not the Real Jupiter Cassandra is translating two manuscripts from Spanish. One of them is a collection of stories of speculative fiction by her old friend, the Uruguayan writer Luisa Montiflores. When editorial complications threaten its publication by an independent press in Portland, Cassandra travels from Luisa’s apartment in Montevideo to the coast of Oregon to meet the publisher and sort things out. Only to find that those complications now include a body that fell—or was pushed—over the side of a bluff. Under suspicion herself and ordered not to leave the country, Cassandra heads to Portland to do her own investigation. Here she encounters Latina writers, a well-known children’s author, and an attractive librarian in her quest to solve the mystery and get back home to London. Not yet retired—and still game for almost anything—Cassandra finds the trail is more tangled and fraught with family secrets than she ever imagined. Barbara Wilson’s previous Cassandra Reilly mysteries include Gaudí Afternoon and The Case of the Orphaned Bassoonists.

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