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Donald Sutherland Swanson was born in the remote far north of Scotland, leaving for London in 1867 at the age of 19 and initially working as a City clerk.

The following year he joined the Metropolitan Police and began patrolling the streets of the capital as a uniformed constable. 35 years later he retired as Superintendent of the Criminal Investigation Department, the top detective in the country.

Set against the backdrop of the developing Metropolitan Police, this book tells the story of a life and career which included railway murderers, grave robbers, fraudulent mediums, Jack the Ripper, the Philosopher’s Stone, Fenian dynamite campaigns, shocking revelations about the aristocracy and a crazed captain with sea serpents in a bottle.

Linking it all together is Donald Swanson, whose application letter to the Metropolitan Police spoke of a desire for “a good opening”. After reading his story, the reader will be left in little doubt that he made the most of the opportunities which came his way.

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Rick Mofina - Ray Wyatt Thriller Series

INTO THE FIRE, introduces Ray Wyatt, a veteran reporter grappling with the tragic loss of his wife and son while searching for answers in the crime stories he covers.Hikers find a traumatized boy wandering in a remote corner of New York's Adirondack Mountains. Retracing his steps to a cabin, they make a terrifying discovery that leads to an investigation entangling crime reporter Ray Wyatt and FBI Special Agent Jill McDade.McDade believes the boy witnessed the horrific incident. But the severity of his emotional shock makes it impossible for him to speak.Wyatt is dispatched to cover the disturbing case, while still haunted by the loss of his son and wife years earlier. Knowing his journalistic career is at risk, he goes flat out on the story.A suspect emerges, along with the fear that there may be another surviving child witness.McDade and Wyatt race the clock to learn the truth behind one of the most unconscionable crimes in the history of Upstate New York. At the same time, they grapple with the dawning horror that the monstrous event is linked to them.THE HOLLOW PLACE, Book 2 of the trilogy, brings Wyatt and McDade together again in a race to find a missing college student before she falls victim to a brutal killer.REQUIEM, Book 3 of the Ray Wyatt series, takes the reader on an international hunt for the head of a ruthless Dark Web illegal adoption ring. Wyatt and McDade take separate paths in an urgent bid to find the mastermind...and hopefully bring Wyatt's son, Danny, home at last.“Rick Mofina’s tense, taut writing makes every thriller he writes an adrenaline-packed ride.” —New York Times bestselling author Tess Gerritsen