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  • 116. Reversal (Easter Special 2024)

    In March 2024, as Watford Football Club’s fortunes decline, events in Hornet Heaven head in the wrong direction.
  • 115. Founder's Day 2024 - REMIX

    To celebrate the 75th anniversary of the ascension to Hornet Heaven of Watford FC's founder Henry Grover, on March 22nd 1949, here's a re-edited and re-mixed telling of our story of his arrival.
  • 114. Half-Back (S23 E4)

    In August 1997, a former player materialises in the Watford Football Club afterlife — but only partially. 
  • 113. How To Be Happy (S23 E3)

    In December 2023, a new arrival in the Watford Football Club afterlife attempts to go to every Watford game ever.
  • 112. If On A Winter's Night A Hornet (S23 E2)

    In February 2024, you — the listener — are transported via the medium of podcast into the eternal experience of supporting Watford Football Club.
  • 111. Fog (S23 E1)

    In December 2023, in the Watford Football Club afterlife, a former Watford player isn't seeing things with the usual clarity.