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  • 8. Deep Dive: In Community We Trust

    Partners In Health (PIH) recently launched a program to assist states, cities and communities build a more equitable and comprehensive public health response to COVID-19. In this sister episode to Episode 7 “Feed the People,” we talk to Dr. Joia Mukherjee, PIH’s Chief Medical Officer about why we need community advocates like Gladys in U.S. public health outreach.

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  • 7. Feed The People

    As a trusted community leader in Chelsea, Massachusetts, one of COVID’s hardest hit communities in the United States, Gladys Vega knows what her community needs most - food -  and gets to work feeding them. Her grassroots efforts underscore the deadly racial inequalities exposed by the pandemic.
  • 6. Deep Dive: The Education Crisis

    UNICEF Executive Director Henrietta Fore discusses how women and girls are denied education in many parts of the world in this sister episode to Episode Five “Daring to Dream,” and the importance of closing the “digital divide” to give kids everywhere an equal opportunity to succeed. 
  • 5. Daring to Dream

    Before the Taliban took control of Afghanistan in summer 2021, an all-girls robotics team was drawing accolades around the world for overcoming obstacles to pursue science and compete internationally. After the Taliban takeover, the Dreamers had to flee to safety, leaving their once-promising futures in question.
  • 4. Deep Dive: the Unrecognized Abuse

    We talk to Mary Ellsberg, Director of the Global Women’s Institute at George Washington University in this sister episode to Episode Three “Secret Recipes” about the most pervasive and under-reported human rights abuse in the world: violence against women and girls. 
  • 3. Secret Recipes

    As cases of domestic violence skyrocket, an all-female Hackathon team in Ecuador devises a simple, brilliant way to reach endangered women while avoiding the watchful eye of abusers: a cookbook.
  • 2. Deep Dive: Listen to the Women

    Mendy Marsh, Co-Founder and Executive Director of VOICE, has a disruptive idea for humanitarian aid and crisis response: listen to women. In this sister episode to Episode One “Child Bride Ending Child Marriage,” we dive deeper into the implications for child marriage.