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  • E95. Mental Health & The Climate Crisis

    What are eco-emotions and how are they affecting our everyday lives? What role do they play in our ability to – and desire to – make a difference? And how do we overcome these mental barriers that are keeping us paralyzed and stuck in place?Seeking answers to these questions could be one of the most important topics of our times. Not just for the individual, but also for the world, as it’s a critical step in igniting the curiosity and courage needed to co-create a climate-just future.Tune into this important conversation with three Fierce and Passionate Climate Authors that was recorded during this year's Climate Week in NYC. Tori Tsui, author of It’s Not Just You, Britt Wray, author of Gen Dread, and Anne Therese Gennari, author of The Climate Optimist Handbook shared the latest research on eco-emotions, tools for healing, and how to grow emotional resilience for the days to come.The panel was moderated by environmental educator and creator of the digital media platform QueerBrownVegan, Isaias Hernandez. Get the books!It's Not Just You: Climate Optimist Handbook: Dread:Paperback: (available for pre-order, out Oct 2023)Hardcover: (available now)

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  • E94. Use Your Anger For Good with Mike Veny

    What does it mean to use your anger for good? Today's guest Mike Veny hasn't just learned to deal with his anger, he actively challenges it to better his work and do good in the world! As a mental health expert, advocate, and professional speaker, Mike tours the country helping companies and their employees revive the gifts of mental wellness. We brought him on the Hey Change Podcast to talk about how anger can serve as a powerful (and healthy) tool in our work for climate and social justice.In this episode:Passion vs giftsHow to lead a meaningful lifeBreaking stigma and creating new normsHow to embody your anger and let it empower youHow to think about our work in climate change to stay inspired and motivatedFollow Mike:Website: @mikevenyTwitter: @mikevenyMentioned in the episode:Book: Hug Your HatersClimate Optimist Newsletter: + FOLLOW:Podcast Instagram: @heychange_podcastHosts: @annetheresegennari + @robinxshawPodcast website:
  • E93. How To Heal Ourselves to Heal The Planet

    Can climate grief and anger be catalysts for transformational healing? Is there such a thing as healthy denial? And how can we learn to work with our emotions in a way where our hearts break open and use that to serve ourselves, others, and the world? Those are only a few of the things we get into in our beautiful conversation with Jack!In this episode:How to pay attention to our fear, anger, and anxiety to let it empower youThe mental health work required to be a climate optimistHealthy guilt and healthy denialHow to grow from shameWhy resilience is an act of resistanceMentioned in the episode:Online climate community): www.collectvexaction.comWeekly support calls - contact:'t Look Up Action Network: Adam Weber is an award-winning author for environmental and social justice, a licensed acupuncturist and Chinese medical herbalist, celebrated poet, certified yoga and Qi Gong instructor, climate activist, mental health advocate, and permaculture farmer. His latest book, Climate Cure: Heal Yourself to Heal the Planet, goes into depth about the healing work we’re here to take on as individuals to grow emotional resilience and become forces to be reckoned with in this world. Website: @jackadamweberCONNECT + FOLLOW:Podcast Instagram: @heychange_podcastHosts: @annetheresegennari + @robinxshawPodcast website:
  • E92. Ecopsychology and The Power Of Emergent Systems

    How do we restore our spiritual relationship with nature and find ourselves as embedded participants within the web of life? More importantly -- what does that look like in practice?In this fascinating conversation with Aaron, we talk Ecopsychology, how a culture of emergence within companies can help shift society in a positive direction, as well as how a community-driven approach might lead us into a climate optimistic world.Aaron Gabriel Neyer is a Developer Relations Engineer at Google with a big passion for both living and technological systems. He's currently furthering his education with a Master's in Eco-Psychology at Naropa University.Connect with Aaron: + FOLLOW:Podcast Instagram: @heychange_podcastHosts: @annetheresegennari + @robinxshawPodcast website:
  • E91. The Future of Recycled Fashion

    What could the future of fashion look like if we learned to recycle and repurpose all material already created? That is what we'll get into in this episode with two innovators in the field -- Renewcell and Circ. Considering only 1% of textiles get recycled into new clothing today, this is a field we should give a lot more attention and focus on!About Renewcell:Harald Cavalli-Bjorkman is the Chief Marketing Officer and Head of Investor Relations at Renewcell, a sustainable tech company from Sweden that patented a process to efficiently create pulp made from 100 percent recycled cotton clothing, called Circulose®Learn more: www.renewcell.comAbout Circ:Luke Henning is the CFO of Circ, an American company pioneering the space of cotton and polyester recycling. Circ's big differentiator is that they're the only brand recycling and recovering both polyester and cotton from fabrics in any ratio.Learn more: www.circ.earthCONNECT + FOLLOW:Podcast Instagram: @heychange_podcastHosts: @annetheresegennari + @robinxshawPodcast website:
  • E90. The Importance of Climate Reporting

    How important is it that we can track climate and environmental efforts in business? We'd like to say VERY. In this conversation with David Lammers from CDP Europe and Gilles Tisserand from Tetra Pak, we discuss how to bring transparency to the entire value chain as well as the business's role in paving the path forward!David Lammers is the Associate Director of Corporate Operations at CDP Europe. CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project) is a not-for-profit charity that runs the global disclosure system for investors, companies, cities, states, and regions to manage their environmental impacts.Gilles Tisserand is the Vice President of Sustainability Climate and Biodiversity at Tetra Pak, the world's leading food processing and packaging solutions company working closely with their customers and suppliers to provide safe food. Tetra Pak has been recognized for leadership in corporate sustainability by global environmental non-profit CDP and secured a place on its ‘A-list’ for the third year running for tackling climate change, as well as acting to protect forests.Learn MoreCDP + A List ReportTetra Pak + Sustainability ReportCONNECT + FOLLOW:Podcast Instagram: @heychange_podcast@annetheresegennari + @robinxshaw
  • E89. Sustainable Money & Business

    In today’s episode, we want to share with you two conversations to help us shift the narrative on business and money. We’ll talk about impact investing and how we can be creative when it comes to starting businesses that not only solve a problem but support a more sustainable world.First up we have Rebecca Orlowitz David, an impact investing expert and founder of the platform GIVE. She's also the author of the book of the same name -- and GIVE - How To Manage Your Money and Make a Difference.Next, we have Linda Pouliot, the CEO, and founder of Dishcraft. Linda is a great example of someone who started a business that not only solves a problem for businesses but does so in a way that leads us into a more sustainable and enjoyable future.A few impact investing suggestions mentioned in the show:Calvert for responsible investing and engagementCNote to help support underserved communities in the US Kiva for loans that change lives in underserved communities around the worldRepublic, an app for impact investing with a low minimumAlso mentioned:Abundance Project by Derek RydallHeated Newsletter Banking on Climate Chaos – 2021 ReportRebecca’s platform:’s book: GIVE - How To Manage Your Money and Make a Difference.CONNECT + FOLLOW:Podcast Instagram: @heychange_podcast Anne Therese:Website: @annetheresegennari Robin:Website: @robinxshawIntro + outro music: No Copyright Music by Sapajou