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  • 5. Episode 5 - The (Dis)honorable Samucry

    On this episode of HeroTv , Seemore understands the meaning of getting jumped in your own home. A PR meeting is held (Consent is optional) and the three prepare to face off against a teary eye warrior. Music provided by Tense face off, precious pressure, imminent threats.Joystock: Spectacular

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  • 4. Episode 4 - Eclipse man's big day

    On this episode of HeroTv, the three deviants go escort the senior hero (But he's actually 25) Eclipse man on a nice trip through the town. However, with the soon arriving eclipse, will the senile superhero get the chance to use his powers or evil doers prevail? That's up to the three deviants to decide!rate the Podcast 5 stars I means the world if you do!Music Provided Magic tricks, skip a beat, situation setup, Battle cats, tense face off, Brawled out, tip toe,cool indeedJoystock: spectacular
  • 3. Episode 3 - A mistress of distress

    On this episode of HeroTv, or three deviants meet a well established hero and follow them to an active back heist. will the save the day or be beaten by the a mean lady and a guy in a suit? Well have to watch and seeMusic provided Net battle, Cheese_,, tense face off, battle cats, Take a bow, (Also a cheer sound effect)joystock: spectacular
  • 2. Episode 2 - Grandmas and contracts

    The three deviants now work as official employees of Heortv! After meeting zero and their other co-workers they must now go do their first gig. Thanks for listening to the podcast! rate 5 stars I would like it a lot if you do!Music provided from slip. stream (Tense face off, battle cats, take a bow, cool indeed)Music provided from joystock (spectatcular)Music provided from envato (city traffic outdoor, tough guy)For business inquires email:
  • 1. Episode 1 - the interview

    The boys start their journey... by getting hired.Support the show by giving us a 5 star review it really helpsMusic by Joystock -