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  • Adventures in HellwQrld Episode #190: America Will Be a Unified Reich

    This week we deal with QAnon having some really weird takes on the Bible, Trump's court case winding to a close and him having another brain issue at a rally and the President of Iran's helicopter crashed so we have to wonder if he was vaccinated or if he was the victim of a Jewish Fog Machine. Also Trump's campaign has decided to go full mask off and declared that once he wins America will be a Unified Reich.

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  • Adventures in HellwQrld Episode #189: Dark Brandon says Debate Me, Bro

    This week we cover more StewAnon madness, Trump's melting brain and Trump's legal troubles. Also Dark Brandon challenges Trump to debates.
  • HellwQrld Presents: Building 7 Truth

    While Steph is off visiting the 9/11 memorial she was nice enough to record with Mike as they go over what happened to building 7 at the World Trade Center and how it's not what conspiracy theorists claim it is.
  • Adventures in HellwQrld Episode #188: RFK Jr's Brainworm

    This week we deal with RFK Jr. literally having brainworms. Trump gets a bunch of legal wins but the one case he is on trial for looks bad all that and the latest horrible news out of Arizona and the listener mailbag.
  • Adventures in HellwQrld Episode #187: RIP Cricket

    This week we have a ton of Arizona news and we also cover Soros funding the protests at colleges across America, RFK Jr. getting weirder than usual and of course Governor Noem murdering her dog.
  • Adventures in HellwQrld Episode #186: Man On Fire

    This week we talk about Tucker going nuts. We find out of the Ukraine aid package was part of The Plan or not and then we talk about a QAnon promoter who is now a pedophile on the run from the law and all the madness inside and outside the courtroom at the Trump Trial.
  • Adventures in HellwQrld Episode #185: Sleepy Trump on Trial

    This week we cover OJ Simpson being killed by the vaccine, Aaron Rodgers is totally insane. And Warhammer is now woke. Haley lets us know that abortion is still totally illegal in Arizona and then we get into all things Trump. That drooling, sleepy lunatic who is now finally being called to account for his crimes.