Heavy Pencil

Character sitcom by Anna Crilly and Tony Gardner. The actor Michael Cork talks to Sarah Tiptree, his agent's assistant's assistant.

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  • 6. S2 E6: Making Ends Meet

    Michael Cork takes on a part time job, a role he was born to do. (With special guest star Miles Jupp.)

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  • 5. S2 E5 Smoke & Mirrors

     Michael Cork is offered a pivotal role in an exciting new show. (Special guest star: Nick Mohammed)
  • 4. S2 E4 Intimacy

    Michael Cork, the actor, comes good.
  • 3. S2 E3 Are You Being Served?

    Michael Cork the actor is asked to reprise a piece from one of Britain's greatest comic characters. With special guest Sian Gibson.
  • 2. S2 E2 Passion Play

    Michael Cork, the actor, is honoured to be offered the lead role in his own church's Passion Play.
  • 1. S2 E1 Broken Hearts (with Joe Wilkinson)

    Sarah Tiptree the assistant's assistant gets an assistant. Guest starring Joe Wilkinson as Paul.
  • SECRET SANTA - Anna Mann meets Jeremy Lion

    Ho ho ho! Secret Owl Santa has brought you a gift that you didn't ask for and may even object to, just like ALL Secret Santas! Ho ho ho!It's an episode of Talking To Actors with Anna Mann, in which the cut-from-everything-actress locks horns with drunken children's entertainer Jeremy Lion. A battle of the titans. Enjoy.