Hear Me, See Me.


Hear Me, See Me. Podcast. Siobhan Laffan.

Season 1, Ep. 28

Hear Me, See Me. Podcast. Siobhan Laffan, Haircuts4Homeless team leader.

Siobhan Laffan is a warm hearted, funny, caring wonderful human being. She is the team leader for Haircuts4Homeless Dublin in the amazing Capuchin Day Center. She is a real team player and leads by example having a true love for our clients.

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Hear Me, See Me. Podcast. Richard Ashforth.

Season 1, Ep. 46
Hear Me, See Me. Podcast. Richard Ashforth.Richard Ashforth // SacoSaco has a belief that the desire to learn is born from the desire to achieve. In the ever-evolving world of hair, achievement isdependenton knowledge and expertise. Education is key in the advancement of your skills and ability to succeed.Saco is an International salon and academy group originating in London, England and led by Creative Director and Founder – Richard Ashforth.Richard first studied Art and Art History, before embarking upon a career in hair- dressing. After a glittering career with VidalSassoon thatwould last almost 20 years,Richard conceived and began Sacoin 2006, a brandthatupholds the values of quality, professionalism and modernity, the things closest to his heart.With salons and academies around the world, Saco continues to grow and consistently break new ground.His career speaks volumes in illustrating his depth of skill and breadth of ability. He has shot for many Vogues’, I.D., Tatler…the list goes on. He has worked with some of the photographic greats from Norman Parkinson and David Bailey to Peter Lindbergh.In 2012 he launched NOISE – a visceral, underground, ‘white-knuckle ride’ of a hair-show thathas fast gained an International reputation as THE hair-show to see.In 2015, Richard washonouredto become International Styling Ambassador for Schwarzkopf Professional, sharing his innovative approach to hair still further. This role beganwith re-launching SKP’ corestylingrange OSiS+, alongside playing an integralrole inSchwarzkopf’ heralded‘Essential Looks’ collections.2019 saw the launch of Saco Haircare – the latest chapter in the Saco story…Richard is Internationally renowned for his directional, forward thinking ideas, his belief in simplicity and commitment to beauty - reflected in everything he does.sacohair.com@sacohairlondon@richardashforth@sacoeducation@sacohaircareHaircuts4Homeless :https://www.haircuts4homeless.com/Produced by :https://svnty6production.com/Artwork by : https://www.dvsyart.com/