Hear Me, See Me.

Looking at homelessness and the unsung heroes that give their time to help.

Stewart Roberts has spent the last five years building up the charity Haircuts4Homeless from a single session in Essex to 65 projects across the UK and Ireland, with over 600 volunteers and over 40,000 haircuts given so

Hear Me, See Me. Podcast. Ruby, ZeroGapped magazine founder.

Season 1, Ep. 75
Hear Me, See Me. Podcast. Ruby, ZeroGapped magazine founder.I had a great chat with Ruby. A no-nonsense female barber who when she saw there were no magazines catering for the female barber, she created one herself.ZeroGapped magazine is the brainchild of Ruby a previous editor and publisher, she saw a gap in the market for a barbering magazine just for women who cut short hair and rock it in style." I trained as a Hairdresser upon leaving school at 15, training with the John English Group, entering various competitions and being awarded ‘Hairdresser Of The Year’ judged by Jingles In London.I fell Into Sales & Marketing at 19 years old within the Publishing Industry and there I remained working for many Blue Chip organisations and clients for 28 years.I decided I wanted to combine my skills and so I set about studying with TPG Education Manchester, where I completed a VTCT L2 In Barbering advanced pretty quickly as I had already previous training under my belt and off I went to get the shop floor experience I needed to perfect the craft.I have worked at numerous Barbershops and I started my own Pop-Up Barber Business 2 years ago I operate at Pride & LGBTQFestivals & Events across the UK Barbering for women!!This has been a roaring success and even more following the ever-popular TV Series, Gentleman Jack!!I have appeared on Radio, stage etc and various organised events.A bit about me but now It’s all about you … the reader and I hope you enjoy ZEROGapped as much as I’ve enjoyed bringing It to life!! "Website : : by : by :

Hear Me, See Me. Podcast.Stacy Paris, Scientist, Disability ambassador.

Season 1, Ep. 73
Hear Me, See Me. Podcast. Stacy Paris, Scientist, Disability ambassador.Stacy who lost both her legs to a deadly flesh-eating bug has become the first double amputee in Europe to appear on the catwalk.Stacy Paris, 31, had her left leg amputated in 2009 after contracting necrotising fasciitis on a holiday in France.And when the infection returned for a second time five years later she lost her remaining leg.Now though she has overcome the odds to forge a name for herself in the fashion industry - after increasing the length of her prosthetic limbs by three inches.Stacy, from Bridge of Allan in Stirlingshire, Scotland, said: "I used to look at fashion and nobody represented me."After coming out of hospital, I've slimmed down a bit from a size 10 but that was my choice."Then I looked at models and they are all quite tall, so I got my prosthetics changed from five foot six inchesto five foot nine inches."Modelling was never something I wanted to do but then a couple of years passed and I did a couple of fashion shows and now I'm the only double amputee model in the UK.”Instagram : Sun article : : by : by :

Hear Me, See Me. Podcast. Shandra Woworundu, sex trafficking survivor.

Season 1, Ep. 71
Hear Me, See Me. Podcast. Shandra Woworundu, sex trafficking survivor and campaigner.SHANDRA WOWORUNTUwould not have been considered at risk of being trafficked. She would never have been considered vulnerable. And yet, when she was 25 years old, Shandra became a victim of human trafficking.Shandra graduated from college with a major in Finance and Bank Management in her native Indonesia. After graduation, she became the manager of the Treasury Department of the Korea Exchange Bank in Indonesia, specialising in money market trading. She was a brilliant financial analyst and was well on her way to a very promising career. She was also an avid human rights activist who spoke out on behalf of labor rights.When political turbulence erupted, she lost her job because of economic, religious, and racial persecution. Looking for an opportunity to work in the US, where she thought she would be free of danger, she responded to an advertisement for a job that promised a six month position in the hotel industry in Chicago.It was not long after arriving in the bustling terminal at New York City’s JFK airport, that Shandra realised the brutal truth that she had been trafficked. The agent who met her at the airport brought her to a van and drove her to the brothel and took control of her passport and identification. Shandra tried to protest, but he put a gun to her head, and she immediately knew that her dreams were on hold.Shandra found herself in an underworld of sex trafficking and prostitution that she never imagined before coming to the US. She was forced to perform sexual favors for 24 hours a day at different brothels throughout NYC and Connecticut. After many attempts, she was able to escape her kidnappers by jumping out of a bathroom window in Brooklyn.But escape was not easy. Shandra was forced to survive without money or shelter. She was far from her family and her support system back home. She finally met someone who connected her to law enforcement, and she received a referral to Safe Horizon, a victim assistance agency in New York, where advocates helped her to get back on her feet.But Shandra wasn’t satisfied with simply escaping. She exposed the criminal trafficking enterprise to federal and local law enforcement authorities. The traffickers were brought to justice and prosecuted to the full extent of the law.After many years of living in silence, she was encouraged to join the movement against human trafficking. Shandra is now an inspirational speaker whose mission is to raise awareness and educate the community through her experience as a survivor of sex trafficking and domestic violence. She has spoken passionately to faith-based organisations, medical professionals, and legislators. She works with anti-human trafficking advocacy groups and is a legislative lobbyist in Washington DC. In 2011, she started a survivor leadership group called “Voices of Hope” through Safe Horizon. To ensure that people in Indonesia do not fall into the same trap she did, Shandra helped create a facebook page called “Stop Human Trafficking di Indonesia.”Like all of the survivors at Survivors of Slavery, Shandra has dedicated her life to ensuring a life free of violence and captivity for people like herself.Website : : : by : by :