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Stewart Roberts MBE talking to the many inspiring people he meets.

Stewart Roberts MBE has spent the last eight years building up the charity Haircuts4Homeless from a single session in Essex to 65 projects across the UK and Ireland, with over 600 volunteers and over 40,000 haircuts give

Hear Me, See Me Podcast with Danielle Thomas founder of the Domestic Abuse Retreat.

Season 2, Ep. 97
Hear Me, See Me Podcast with Danielle Thomas founder of the Domestic Abuse Retreat. Danielle was introduced to me by former guest, Jodie Keegans who had been to Danielle's amazing Domestic Abuse Retreat. Danielle is such an inspirational human being and her story brought us both to tears. Please listen to and share this podcast as far as possible to bring light to her amazing story and this wonderful project.A quote from Danielle,"My name is Danielle I’m a survivor of domestic abusePlease be aware that my story contains distressing information. I want to share my full story to highlight that extreme cases of domestic abuse happen & also in the hope that I can help other women both escape & avoid this type of abuseI was in a relationship with who I thought was great guy. Unfortunately not long into the relationship, violence & control startedTo begin with he would check my phone & stared discouraging me from going out to see friends & taking part in my hobbiesThen one night, out of nowhere, I was sleeping and was woken up by him being on top of me, punching me and pulling my hair. He had been going through my phone & looking at old Facebook messages. He found a very old innocent message from another guy & this sparked his violent outburstAfter this situation the violence & control continued most weeksI wanted to end the relationship but every time I tried it resulted in violence and told I could never leave or escape him. I felt trapped.My spirit was broken & I didn’t know what to do. I believed this must have somehow been my fault & thought that this was now my lifeI didn't think the police would take me seriously & I had no idea where to turnOn the 12th of September 2018, things took a very bad turn for the worse. He decided I needed to be taught a lesson. He locked me in my home for 3 days and tortured me. He repeatedly beat me, tipped paint all over me & made me lick it off the floor. He smashed mirrors over my head, rubbed glass into me & brutally beat me with an iron bar."I was left with a broken jaw, broken ribs and extreme bruisingCheck out her fantastic project. you to our wonderful Sponsors Zenoti and L'Oréal.

Hear Me, See Me Podcast with Elvin Box, Prostate Cancer Campaigner.

Season 1, Ep. 94
Hear Me, See Me Podcast with Elvin Box, Prostate Cancer Campaigner.Two weeks ago I was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer.A good friend of mine, Cheryl Witham, put me in touch with a fantastic man, Elvin Box. He is a Prostate Cancer Campaigner and a generous human being. He selflessly gave me lots of his time, reassuring me and educating me on what I am facing. I knew immediately that I had to do a podcast with him to share awareness of this much underestimated disease.We have a full and frank discussion about my experience so far and I hope this helps other people in this situation.This is information from Elvin :All of those born with a prostate should get to a Gym, and focus on the following exercises to enhance their continence and potency. However, once treated for prostate cancer, the following exercises are a must: core muscles; pelvic floor muscles; cardio vascular. A good workout can be done at home if you wish, and this brilliant web site provides necessary instruction: “No holds barred” article for the online Sex Shop, Jo Divine; which is probably the most explicit piece freely available in the public domain, about living beyond a prostatectomy, can be found here: the above is failing to help sufficiently, next steps to attain and maintain an erection are:Seek on NHS the Caverject injection resort is an operation to insert a penile prosthesis relevant web sites:The ‘Hospital On Wheels’ mobile PSA Blood Testing Unit, The Errol McKellar Foundation: Movember True North Prostate Cancer programme: : by : by :

Hear Me, See Me Podcast with Neil Taylor and Danny Panrucker from Hammers for work and support.

Season 1, Ep. 92
Hear Me, See Me Podcast with Neil Taylor and Danny Panrucker from Hammers for work and support.Neil said :"The group started up in late spring of 2020..Danny put idea of a jobs page for hammers to me and would I drive it on.I've run pages before so as well as helping people in the past it was a great conceptHammers for work.Lot of uncertainty over covid so people's livelihoods were under threat so we aimed to keep things "in house" for hammers..I myself have always tried to help others where I could so we decided to add the support network to group ethosHammersforworkandsupportPage has grown and gone from strength to strength nearing the 15,000 numberOur emphasis is focused on NewhamBoth raised in the Borough I spent over 30 years there and still visit the areaDanny family also .We try to support as many people as we canA list of Newham charities belowNewham boxing clubNewham abilty clubAAAThe Magpie projectNewham foodbankAscension foodbankLolas homelessFootstepz youth academyHomeless veterans associationWe have donated to all above and offered support and continue to do so.We have a ticket scheme donating matchday tickets to some of the above and also individuals that cannot afford to go to a game with their childrenDonating also to youth clubs andHall mead school special educational needs.We will continue to support hammers and their families and anyone connected with clubThe charities preferred are smaller organisations and help a wide range of people women men and especially children and youth.We are proud of the group and its members for the Community spirit shown and many have gained employment and been given a startWe also have mentored over 40 individuals with mental health issues all in strict confidence using mental health advocatesWe are the only group of supporters doing this and of that we are proud. "Facebook : : by : by :