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The Duchess of Cambridge on the early years

Season 5, Ep. 4

In this special episode, The Duchess of Cambridge joins Giovanna Fletcher to talk about the importance of the early years in her first ever podcast interview. Having met in Birmingham at the launch of her landmark survey ‘5 Big Questions on the Under Fives’, they sat down after a joint visit to LEYF Stockwell Gardens Nursery to talk about the work that has built up to this landmark survey and some of their shared experiences as mothers to three children. 

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  • 11. Sleep Support 101

    On this month's episode of Parenting SOS, Gi is joined by Eve Squires and Gemma Fryer, founders of Calm and Bright Sleep Support and authors of 'Love To Sleep'. Eve and Gemma are THE Sleep Support Specialists and are here to answer all of your sleep related conundrums! Eve & Gem talk about why sleep training has such a bad rep, the impact of sleep deprivation on our mental and physical health and what we can do about it. They deep dive into our community’s questions, covering topics from night wakes to night feeds, the dynamics of siblings sharing rooms and much more!
  • 10. Louise Boyce (aka Mama Still Got It)

    This week Giovanna is joined by mum of 3, multi award winning content creator, Sunday Times Best Selling Author and model, Louise Boyce aka Mama Still Got It.Its a truly wonderful conversation about the joys of birth and Motherhood with possibly the best Letter on Motherhood we've ever heard!'Mama Still Got it!’ by Louise Boyce is out in paperback, £9.99, published by Harper
  • 9. Hollie McNish

    Hollie McNish is a poet and author who came to prominence with her poetry and parenting memoir 'Nobody Told Me'. Her unique style paints a beautiful and heartwarming chronicle on a life as a new parent in modern Britain. Gi and Hollie discuss pregnancy birth and reading as well as touring with Little One!
  • 8. Ella Mills

    Wellness and pregnancy, when those urges come what should you be eating? Gi's guest this week is the creator of Deliciously Ella and mother of two, Ella Mills. We discuss pregnancy diets, home births and hear a true love story!
  • 7. Understanding and Managing PCOS

    How much do you know about Polycystic Ovary Syndrome and it's connection to fertility? Are you believing some of the myths out there surrounding the condition? On this month's Parenting SOS episode, Gi meets the nutritionist Lauren Johnson Reynolds, aka @LondonWellnessCoach.
  • 6. Victoria Emes

    No one said being a parent was easy, but are we as honest as we could be? Blogger Victoria Emes is someone who isn't afraid to say it like it is. Gi speaks to Victoria about the realities of her parenthood journey - including grief, going sober and of course, lots of poo.
  • 5. Josie da Bank

    Festival lovers, this one's for you. This week Gi meets the co-founder of Camp Bestival, Josie da Bank. We cover camping tips, how to create a festival feel at home and the challenges of raising four boys at different ages.
  • 4. Carrie Hope Fletcher

    This week Gi finds out all about her future niece! Actress and author Carrie Hope Fletcher - aka Gi’s sister-in-law - discusses her pregnancy journey and how she feels about becoming a first time mum.
  • 3. A Guide To Neonatal Intensive Care

    What is the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit? And what can you expect if your baby is taken in? On this month's Parenting SOS, Gi meets the clinical psychologist Dr Frankie Harrison, to drill down on the facts of NICU and what parents can do to make this experience less scary.