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Happy Mum Happy Baby

Jorgie Porter

Season 14, Ep. 8

This week Giovanna is joined by actress and model well known for her role in Hollyoaks, Jorgie Porter. Jorgie lays bare her transformative journey into motherhood, embodying the whirlwind of emotions and unique experiences that come with this new chapter in life. From the highs and lows of pregnancy to the heartwarming complexities of childbirth. This heart-to-heart conversation embraces the beauty and intricacies of becoming a mother, all told by a woman steering through each phase with elegance and a sprinkle of humour.

TRIGGER WARNING: This discussion touches on the sensitive topic of miscarriage. If you feel this might be hard to listen to, we've got a range of other episodes you might prefer.

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  • 17. Paul C Brunson

    Today on Happy Mum Happy Baby, Gi is joined by TV presenter, relationship expert, entrepreneur, father and husband, Paul C Brunson. Paul is well known for his work on shows such as Celebs Go Dating and MAFS and on this week's episode, Gi has the absolute pleasure of hearing about Paul's own relationship with his wife Jill and their two sons, Liam and Kingston. They discuss moving children abroad, homeschooling, raising boys and much more!
  • 16. Why isn’t my child talking yet? Parenting SOS with Emma Pomroy

    On this month's Parenting SOS, Gi is joined by leading Paediatric Speech and Language Therapist, Emma Pomroy. Learning to communicate and express yourself isn’t something that comes naturally to all children. and Emma is passionate about enabling parents and families with the tools to make all children confident and competent communicators. As always on Parenting SOS, we'll be answering our communities' questions with this month's focus on language and speech development.
  • 15. Janette Manrara & Aljaž Škorjanec

    Its strictly babies this week as Giovanna is joined by everyone's favourite dancers, Janette Manrara & Aljaž Škorjanec. Janette and Aljaz discuss life with their baby girl, Lyra, Janette's journey back to the dancefloor post caesarean section and Aljaz's role as a hands on super dad!
  • 14. Jenni Falconer

    This week, Giovanna is joined by TV and Radio presenter Jenni Falconer. Jenni is host of 'Runpod' and came into the studio days after completing the London Marathon! They discuss Jenni's beautiful relationship with her daughter, Ella as well as remembering Jenni's journey back to running post birth.
  • 13. Jessica Urlichs

    This week, Gi's guest is the inspirational and award winning author, poet and mother, Jessica Urlichs. Jessica Urlichs is a bestselling author ("From One Mother To Another" and writes about the "beautiful messy" of motherhood and life. Jessica and Gi discuss her approach to writing and life with her 3 young children.
  • 12. Audrey from The Receipts podcast

    We love it when guests bring their baby onto the show, and this week, Audrey from The Receipts podcast is in the studio with her baby girl! Audrey discusses not enjoying pregnancy, always wanting to be a mum and perceptions of Motherhood.
  • 11. Sleep Support 101

    On this month's episode of Parenting SOS, Gi is joined by Eve Squires and Gemma Fryer, founders of Calm and Bright Sleep Support and authors of 'Love To Sleep'. Eve and Gemma are THE Sleep Support Specialists and are here to answer all of your sleep related conundrums! Eve & Gem talk about why sleep training has such a bad rep, the impact of sleep deprivation on our mental and physical health and what we can do about it. They deep dive into our community’s questions, covering topics from night wakes to night feeds, the dynamics of siblings sharing rooms and much more!
  • 10. Louise Boyce (aka Mama Still Got It)

    This week Giovanna is joined by mum of 3, multi award winning content creator, Sunday Times Best Selling Author and model, Louise Boyce aka Mama Still Got It.Its a truly wonderful conversation about the joys of birth and Motherhood with possibly the best Letter on Motherhood we've ever heard!'Mama Still Got it!’ by Louise Boyce is out in paperback, £9.99, published by Harper
  • 9. Hollie McNish

    Hollie McNish is a poet and author who came to prominence with her poetry and parenting memoir 'Nobody Told Me'. Her unique style paints a beautiful and heartwarming chronicle on a life as a new parent in modern Britain. Gi and Hollie discuss pregnancy birth and reading as well as touring with Little One!