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Botnets - The Most Dangerous Threat from the Internet

Season 1, Ep. 10

Botnets are on of the biggest threats from the internet. We are talking with cybersecurity expert Philippe Humeau about botnets, cover their capabilities and how botnets are controlled.

Host of this episode:

Tyler Cohen Wood & Mirko Ross

About our guest:

Philippe Humeau graduated in 1999 as IT security engineer from EPITA (Paris, France). He founded his first company at the same time and quickly oriented it towards penetration testing and high-security hosting. He was also deeply involved in Magento’s community creation & animation in France and versed in eCommerce (wrote 4 books on the topic). In 2020, he founded CrowdSec, a company editing an eponymous open-source and collaborative IPS, leveraging both IP behavior & reputation to create a community and tackle the mass scale hacking problem. His crushes will forever be IT security, DevSecOps, and entrepreneurship.


Mirai botnet authors avoid jail time:

CrowdSec website:

CrowdSec GitHub:

CrowdSec explained in 15 minutes by Philippe ➜

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