She is a former Cybersecurity Professional for the US Gov, he was a hacker. Tyler Cohen Wood and Mirko Ross are the hosts of Hackwerk. Together, they talk with guests about the most pressing and urgent Cybersecurity topics of our time. Hackwerk will take the audience on a mind-blowing Cybersecurity journey: entertaining, serious, incredible, awesome, shocking, head-exploding… listen.

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Tyler Cohen Wood

Tyler spent many years doing digital forensics for US federal law enforcement and was Deputy Cyber Division Chief for the US Defense Intelligence Agency, doing spooky stuff. She is an internationally recognized cybersecurity authority, keynote speaker and 3-time published author. In addition to co-hosting Hackwerk, Tyler is the host of My Connected Life on the Voice America network (http://voiceamerica.com).

Mirko Ross

Mirko started hacking as a teenager. Today he is a well known cybersecurity expert, sharing his hacking experience with governmental organisations and industry to increase cybersecurity. He is still committed to the hacking community, promoting hacker ethics and white hat attitude. Today is working as a cybersecurity researcher and running his cybersecurity startup https://www.asvin.io