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Starfield Review: Did Bethesda Fail to Deliver?

Ep. 136

What are your feelings on Starfield? Were you disappointed in what the game had to offer after all the hype? In this episode, we take a closer look at Bethesda's new title and dive into whether Starfield delivered on its promises, or if it was the fanbase that overhyped it. Get ready for an honest critique and discussion – let's see if Starfield lived up to its expectations!

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  • 152. Unraveling the Story of Shadow of the Erdtree

    In this episode, we discuss the lore of Elden Ring and dive into the story of the DLC. We explore the characters' motivations, including Miquella, Radon, Mohg, and Marika. What was the role of the Hornsent and the connections between the characters and the greater will? We take a deep dive once again into the Lands Between.
  • 151. Elden Ring Shadow of The Erdtree - Lore and Speculations

    On this episode, the hosts discuss the upcoming Elden Ring DLC, Shadow of the Erdtree. They speculate about the storyline and characters, including the possibility of Miquella being the ultimate evil and the role of the outer gods. They also analyze the complex family tree in Elden Ring and how it may impact the DLC. The hosts explore the themes of balance, power, and manipulation in the game's lore. Overall, they provide an in-depth analysis and theories about the upcoming DLC.Chapters00:00 Elden Ring DLC Speculations and Theories05:47 Exploring the Elden Ring Family Tree22:07 Character Allegiances and Plot Twists29:44 The Origins of Powers and DLC32:25 Anticipation for New Abilities and Expansion34:08 Theories and Speculations
  • 150. Metal Gear Flushh - An Interview with Donna Burke

    Metal Gear singer/voice actress Donna Burke, is known for her work in video games and as the English announcing voice on the Shinkansen bullet train. Now she joins the GZ Chop Shop podcast in an unforgettable interview that discusses her new venture, Royal Flush, living in Japan, cultural differences, and her journey in the gaming and television industry.Chapters00:00 Introduction and Discussion of Royal Flush02:11 Japanese Toilets and Cultural Differences06:21 Living in Japan and Comparing Cultures09:48 Donna Burke's Royal Flush and Toilet Messages11:48 Creating a Podcast Intro with Donna Burke14:03 Donna Burke's Journey in the Gaming Industry19:48 Learning Japanese and Performing in Japan23:01 Conclusion and Business Perspective25:13 From Anime to Video Games: Donna Burke's Diverse Career29:24 The Importance of Not Taking Oneself Too Seriously in the Entertainment Industry33:16 Donna Burke's Plans for the Future35:20 The Thrill of Performing in Concerts51:00 The Thrill of Performing with a Symphony Orchestra54:56 The Potential for Future Metal Gear Concerts57:24 The Success of Video Game Adaptations01:00:46 Donna Burke's Interest in Screenwriting and TV ShowsLInks
  • 149. The Rise of toxic Anime fans

    In this episode, the hosts discuss the current state of the anime community and the lack of respect for older, original anime. They emphasize the importance of acknowledging the influence and impact of classic anime on the industry today. They also touch on the role of social media in shaping opinions and the need for fans to think for themselves and appreciate the diversity of anime. The hosts encourage listeners to read manga and light novels to get a deeper understanding of the stories and characters. Overall, they advocate for a more inclusive and respectful anime fandom.Chapters00:00 Introduction and Announcements03:03 The Influence of Classic Anime on the Industry11:27 The Role of Social Media in Shaping Opinions21:07 The Importance of Reading Manga and Light Novels35:34 Conclusion and Call to Action
  • 148. Microsofts Uncertain Future in Gaming

    SummaryIn this episode, the hosts discuss Microsoft's recent studio closures and the impact of their acquisition of Bethesda. They express their concerns about Microsoft's trend of shutting down studios and prioritizing Game Pass over game development. They also discuss Sony's decision to require PC players of Helldivers 2 to log in with a PlayStation Network account. The hosts highlight the need for the gaming community to speak up against unfair practices, such as microtransactions and incomplete games at full price.Chapters00:00 Introduction and Store Announcement06:00 Predictions for the Future of Xbox08:48 Sony's Controversial Decision with Helldivers 211:27 The Need for the Gaming Community to Speak Up14:23 Supporting Developers and Holding Companies Accountable25:29 Inconsistency in Community Outcry29:13 The Power of the Gaming Community32:14 Conclusion and Call to Action
  • 147. EA's Decision to Put Dead Space Back on Ice

    SummaryIn this episode, the hosts discuss the trend of gaming franchises being revived and then quickly abandoned by developers. They specifically focus on EA's decision to put the Dead Space franchise back on ice after the successful remake. They explore possible reasons for this, including the inability to monetize the franchise through microtransactions and the impact of subscription services like Game Pass. They also discuss the larger issue of developers prioritizing long-term monetization over creating fully released games. The hosts express concern with this trend and its negative impact on the gaming community.Chapters00:00 The Revival and Abandonment of Gaming Franchises07:56 Prioritizing Fully Released Games Over Monetization
  • 146. The Struggles of Xbox Game Pass

    In this episode of the GZ Chop Chop podcast, the hosts discuss the struggles and potential of Microsoft's Game Pass. They explore the subscription model, the challenges of generating revenue, and the impact on game sales. They also touch on the controversy surrounding the character designs in the game Stellar Blade. The hosts express their opinions on the sexualization debate in the gaming industry.TakeawaysGame Pass is not struggling on the surface, with millions of active subscribers, but behind the scenes, it faces challenges in generating revenue.The subscription model of Game Pass can lead to a loss of potential game sales and revenue for developers.The controversy surrounding sexualized character designs in games highlights the double standards and hypocrisy in the gaming community.Collaboration between gaming companies to create a universal subscription pass could benefit both gamers and developers.The hosts express their excitement for the game Stellar Blade and encourage listeners to support the podcast through merchandise purchases.Chapters00:00 Introduction and Overview08:50 The Challenges of the Subscription Model25:11 Controversy and Hypocrisy in the Gaming Industry29:17 Discussion on Stellar Blade35:22 Conclusion and Support for the Podcast
  • 145. Dragons Dogma 2: Capcom's Microtransactions are going TOO far

    SummaryIn this episode of the Jeezy Chop Shop podcast, the hosts discuss the controversial topic of microtransactions in the upcoming game Dragon's Dogma 2. They explore the different perspectives on microtransactions, including the benefits for busy players and the criticisms of pay-to-win mechanics. The hosts also touch on the banning of modders by Capcom and the impact of mods on the gaming experience. They delve into the challenges faced by game developers and the addictive nature of competitive games. The episode concludes with a call to action for listeners to share their thoughts on microtransactions and support the podcast.Chapters00:00 Introduction and Podcast Updates02:20 Introduction to Dragon's Dogma 2 and Microtransactions08:59 Discussion on the Benefits and Criticisms of Microtransactions11:37 Capcom's Ban on Modders and the Impact on the Game14:17 Debate on the Role of Modders and Developers21:13 The Challenges Faced by Game Developers25:25 The Addictive Nature of Competitive Games29:26 Personal Experiences with Competitive Games32:03 Call to Action and Conclusion
  • 144. Let's talk about the US ban on Tik Tok

    In this episode, Projektitachi and Warnurse discuss the impending TikTok ban and the government's concerns about data privacy and national security. They highlight the hypocrisy of the government's actions and the lack of protection for citizens' data. They also explore the real reasons behind the TikTok ban, including American ownership and the fear of being outcapitalized. Finally, they shift to the topic of Sony's VR challenges, including the manufacturing issue and the competition with MetaQuest 3. The hosts suggest ways for Sony to improve its VR ecosystem and make its games interchangeable with PCs.Chapters00:00 - Introduction and TikTok Ban03:09 - Government's Concerns and Hypocrisy04:00 - Data Privacy and Government Actions07:11 - Real Reason Behind TikTok Ban10:14 - American Ownership and Innovation13:37 - Political Manipulation and Influence19:15 - Sony's VR Manufacturing Issue21:34 - Comparison with MetaQuest 326:31 - Expanding the VR Ecosystem27:31 - Conclusion and Call to Action