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Are we brainwashed?

Ep. 118

Do you remember that time when the gaming community used to be fun and wholesome? That time when gamers genuinely enjoyed playing the games? 

In this episode of the GZ Chop Shop Podcast, we'll talk about how the gaming community went from being the most fun to the most toxic. We talk about how COVID helped the gaming community grow and how it is now one of the most popular forms of entertainment, even more, popular than TV and movies. We also talk about how the new generation of gamers and content creators tend to complain about games that are actually good, and why it's important for other gamers to not rely too much on reviews and have their own standards when playing games.

All these and more are on the episode, so be sure to tune in! 

Quick episode summary: 

01:19 We are gonna talk about the gaming community

03:03 Let’s talk about Forsaken

04:37 Is the game really bad or does it just have a black female lead?

09:16 Wew gen gamers don't care about stories anymore 

15:45 Boycotting games and Youtube content creators

24:20 Throwback to a time when you can play video games without Internet 

25:36 Don't rely too much on reviews 

28:23 Why we love niche games 

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  • 141. Xbox gamers beware | Twitch meets Crunchyroll

    Microsoft makes another major (and questionable) move in the month following the closing of their Activision Blizzard deal. The removal of all third-party controller support including those for disabled gamers. This comes on the heels of the previous announcement that they plan to also remove user-generated game save captures from their servers starting in January 2024, it's been a roller coaster of highs and lows for the Xbox community.►Timestamps00:00 Introduction01:43 Xbox to remove third-party controller support07:42 Recent Microsoft moves10:32 Is Game Pass actually hurting Microsoft?17:59 Kitcaster podcast agency20:25 Twitch and Crunchyroll partnership31:25 GOTY discussion and predictions43:51 OutroSupport the show: Patreon:
  • 140. Who will claim Game of The Year for 2023

    What are the best games of 2023? In this episode, we discuss player predictions for the upcoming December Game of the Year awards. With 2023 being a strong year for games across the board there is no doubt that the polls will be close this year. What are your thoughts? What game would you like to see take the crown for 2023?Timestamps00:00 Introduction01:07 What is Game of The Year?04:55 Gamer predictions for GOTY18:27 Battle pass saturation20:49 The secret Xbox business model25:38 Final thought/OutroSupport the show:
  • 139. Microsoft's mistake will cost you

    Microsoft is causing waves through its Xbox community again with its recent term changes on OCT 1st stating that starting in Jan 2024 game captures uploaded to their servers will start being deleted after 90 days. While it may seem minor to avid gamers, many casual players are furious over the uncalled-for change. What is the reason behind this and will it potentially be rolled back? Or are we seeing the first of many consumer experience changes? We also discuss our hypothesis over Phil Spencer's ambiguous statement regarding game pass and Xbox for 2027.Timestamps00:00 - Introduction02:04 - Microsoft plans to delete game captures in 202405:17 - Microsoft's plans and Game pass 08:58 - What happens if Xbox leaves the industry in 202711:57 - The 90-day deadline13:14 - The removal of collection value14:50 - Calling out the extreme theories18:32 - Microsoft's business tendencies21:04 - Final thoughts