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  • Driverless cars are here, but are they ready?

    Hey folks, been a while. I miss you too. Anyways, here's an episode about driverless cars I made for the Vox Media podcast series 'Land of the Giants.' This season profiled Tesla and this episode tracks Tesla and its competitors' race to crack the code on driverless technology.

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  • 15. Since that trip to Marfa | Detour

    In 2018, I took an important road trip with an old friend that led to the creation of this show. On that trip, the two of us were both experiencing a lot of transition in life. At this point, it’s been four years since I’ve seen or spoken to that friend and I’ve always wondered what happened in his life after we took that trip… so I caught up with him to ask. This episode was created as part of the ‘Roundabout’ podcast series from Statefarm and AcastHost: Zach MackPlease rate and review our show on Apple podcasts & Spotify
  • 14. 📍 9 Days in Scandinavia

    I just got back from Scandinavia. While I was out there, I decided to record a travel diary of my incredible trip. We had some fun mixing it up stylistically with this one. Enjoy. Host: Zach MackPlease rate and review our show on Apple podcasts & Spoitfy
  • 13. Somewhere FM | Detour

    Welcome to Somewhere FM, your favorite road trip radio show. All night long we are taking your calls and hearing your travel stories about getting back out there. Host Zach Mack If you want to donate to the show, hit me up hereIf you want to hear more from the ‘Not Lost’, listen here
  • 12. We Made It | Detour

    For our final episode of the season, I'm joined by my friend, collaborator, and engineer Dan Tureck. Together we respond to listener questions and discuss our favorite moments of the season, how 'Greetings from Somewhere' came to be, and reveal what comes next for the show. Host: Zach MackPlease rate and review our show on Apple podcasts
  • 11. 📍Joshua Tree, CA

    What comes to mind when you think of Joshua Tree? Is it psychedelic drugs, or weird Dr. Seuss looking trees and the wide-open desert landscape? Maybe it's a place for bands like The Eagles and U2 or even influencers with big hats who just wanna escape from LA for the weekend and take selfies. Or maybe, it's a place where people come to heal or to make something, or both.Host: Zach MackJordan Coley's newsletterAvon's short filmPlease rate and review our show on Apple podcasts
  • 9. 📍Burning Man, Black Rock City, NV

    From a small San Francisco counterculture beach party to a mega gathering in the Black Rock Desert, Burning Man has become a cultural force. But what exactly is Burning Man? How has it actually changed over the years? And in the midst of a pandemic, what did this utopian gathering look like in 2020? Host: Zach MackRead our latest review in VulturePlease rate and review our show on Apple podcasts