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  • Our budget is bigger than yours

    Hello!! We talk about big budgets.. Keeping the hype alive and the big gaming trends from the last 10 years! Enjoy. #gta #gtapodcast #podcast #gtandtheftauto #newpodcast #newepisode #vicecity #gta6 #libertycity #rockstargames #grandtheftautopodcast #applepodcast @rockstargames

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  • All signs point to yes

    This week we keep answering those questions that no-one is asking and talk more about or favourite platinum trophies. Enjoy!!
  • We answer the questions no-one asked

    This episode we catch up on some of the little leaks and rumours from the past few weeks. We answer the questions that no-one ever asked and talk about one of our favourite platinum trophies that we've unlocked. #gta #gtapodcast #podcast #gtandtheftauto #newpodcast #newepisode #vicecity #gta6 #libertycity #rockstargames #grandtheftautopodcast #applepodcast
  • All the small things

    Back from an extended break we catch up with all the small scraps of info we can find on GTA. We look at some of the features we'd like to see from RDR and we talk about platinum trophies and trophy hunting. (Sorry Dylan)
  • Happy New Year!

    Happy New Year from Grand Theft Podcast!!
  • Festive Outtakes

    It's that time of year again when we upload the best from our cutting room floor. Enjoy and Merry Christmas!
  • A Merry GTA Christmas

    Merry Christmas from Grand Theft Podcast. We round up the year with some of the latest news, leaks and rumours surrounding GTA. See you all next year G&G