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  • 60. I Love Mess (w/ Mia Jackson)

    In the final episode of "Going Out With Jake Cornell," Jake goes out with comedian Mia Jackson. The two discuss Atlanta nightlife, being on the road, and stand-up newbies.

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  • 59. Homeschooled (w/ Hannah Jones)

    This week, Jake goes out with comedian Hannah Jones. The two discuss the Canada Goose coyote scandal, Jones’ experience being homeschooled, and accidental rudeness.
  • 58. It’s Time to Die (w/ Michelle Collins)

    This week, Jake goes out with comedian Michelle Collins. The two discuss bad Airbnb experiences, MAGA-adjacent British people, and dining with difficult people.
  • 57. You’re a Blue Jay (w/ Lisa and John Barlow)

    This week, Jake goes out with Lisa and John Barlow of “Real Housewives” fame. The three share their favorite places to eat and drink in NYC and Salt Lake City, discuss the art of making great tequila, and reminisce on their first restaurant jobs.
  • 56. Food People Aren’t Real (w/ George Civeris)

    This week, Jake goes out with comedian George Civeris. The two discuss being intimidated by well-dressed people, etiquette for hosting parties, Instagram-forward restaurants, and pretentious food people.
  • 55. Paul Masson (w/ Mecca Evans)

    This week, Jake goes out with content creator and comedian Mecca Evans. The two discuss the situationship breakups, complicated cousin relationships, YikYak, and Paul Masson Brandy.
  • 54. The Acropolis (w/ EJ Marcus)

    This week, Jake goes out with comedian EJ Marcus. The two discuss comedy “bits,” the politics of meeting for coffee, and childhood strip club burgers.