Global Pillage


8.4 See the Light with Alison Spittle, Brona C Titley, Sophie Duker and Radu Isac

Season 8, Ep. 4

Global Pillage

Season 8. Episode 4: "See the Light"

Recorded 23 March 2019 at Kings Place in London. Released 6 May 2019. Alison Spittle and Brona C Titley vs Sophie Duker and Radu Isac vs the Hive Mind of the Audience.

Hosted by Abigoliah Schamaun. Created by Deborah Frances-White. Questions set by Ned Sedgwick. Programme Associate Jessica Fostekew. Music by Katie Pritchard. The Global Pillage theme composed by Mark Hodge. Recording engineer: Chris Sharp. Produced by Tom Salinsky for The Spontaneity Shop.

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